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    Prepare your home for winter: top energy saving tips

    Are you prepared for winter? More importantly, is your home? It’s that time of year when we start thinking about how much we’re spending on keeping our home warm and how we can do it for less. Thankfully, we’ve gathered together our top energy saving tips to help you stay warm this winter.


    You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s the best energy saving tip out there; insulating your home will help you save money on your heating bills this winter.

    Cavity wall insulation works by filling in the gap, or ‘cavity’ between your interior and exterior walls with materials like mineral wool, beads, granules, or foamed insulants to keep the heat in. We all know that hot air rises, so if you haven’t insulated your roof it’ll just rise up, up and away from your home! The recommended thickness of roof insulation is 270mm for mineral wool, so if yours is less you might want to consider topping it up.

    Energy efficient products

    Light bulbs, appliances, electronics – they all use energy and cost you money. Look out for the energy ratings label on new appliances and make smart choices for your energy saving quest – A and A+ rated products consume much less energy so you should choose your appliances carefully! This is also something to consider if you’re thinking about changing your gas or oil boiler. An oil boiler service will help make your home heating more efficient but a new energy efficient boiler will definitely cost you less money in the long run.

    Draft proofing

    Another of our top energy saving tips is to check your windows and doors for cracked caulk and gaps which could be causing heating to escape. Resealing any of these gaps will instantly reduce the drafts in your home, and draft excluders along the bottom of your doors will keep you feeling cosy and warm.

    Curtains & Blinds

    When you close your curtains and blinds you are helping to insulate your room and retain the heat in it for longer. Thermal insulated curtains are great investment as they are lined and this slows down the movement of heat from warm areas to cool areas. They’re also readily available in a range of colours and patterns, so no need to compromise your home décor by having them!

    Winter duvet on your bed

    Top up your tog count! Your duvet heat is measured in togs, which is a unit of thermal resistance, and the more togs the better when it comes to keeping warm. If you’re using anything less than a 12.5 tog duvet, you could be using up more valuable home heating oil trying to keep warm in bed – swapping out a light duvet for a winter one will keep you toasty without the need for flipping the heating on.

    Bleed radiators

    Are your radiators cold at the top but warm at the bottom? It’s likely that there is trapped in air in them, but bleeding them (i.e. getting rid of this trapped air) will make them warm all over! There are lots of tutorials available for guidance when trying this yourself, like this one.