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    Do you make these mistakes leaving it too late to order oil?

    One of the obvious benefits of natural gas central heating is that (if you aren’t on a metre) the supply is endless (as long as you pay your bills on time!) so you never have to worry about running out. Home heating oil however remains the most popular way to heat your home, and indeed if you live in rural areas of Ireland often it’s the only method available. If you’re new to home heating oil, perhaps you might have had natural gas or have recently changed your heating system to oil, then you might find it a tricky system to get used to.

    Because home heating oil is stored in a tank on your property, you need to monitor your usage so that you know when to re-order. Unfortunately, some people make these mistakes leaving it too late to order oil and the result is a cold house with potentially no hot water either. Read on to find out how to prevent this from happening to you.

    According to research by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), oil is the most popular choice of home heating fuel in Ireland. However each year there are still thousands of people who run out of oil unexpectedly. This can cause havoc at home – no heating or hot water is never fun, but it could also cause potential damage to your boiler by clogging it up – when there’s no oil in the tank, the residual sediments can block the filters and pipes, and no one wants to pay for costly repairs that could be easily avoided.

    Many people think that if they knock their tank to check for hollow sounds that this is a good indicator of how much heating oil is left inside, however this is a key mistake! It’s nearly impossible to tell how much oil is left by listening to echoes – you need a much more reliable method than that to monitor your oil usage.

    Electronic oil tank monitors are a smarter way to check the usage of your oil – some of the more advanced models even have a built in alarm system to alert you of potential fuel theft. If this seems too advanced for you, a simple visual check can be all you need to do to check your oil levels – use your gauge to check the level of oil still left.

    The easiest way to prevent running out of oil however is simple – get someone else to do it! offers a ‘Planned Delivery’ service, where we keep an eye on your oil usage and automatically deliver to you when you’re running low. Never run out of oil again and get great value for money with a very competitive price per litre.

    Find out more about our service today, and never make the mistakes of leaving it too late to order oil again.