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    Is it time for your boiler service?

    October is well and truly underway, and while it’s been a pretty mild start to autumn in Ireland, that doesn’t mean the cold weather is far away. For the most part we’ve enjoyed a nice summer, not too cold, the occasional bout of rain (only to be expected) so chances are, you haven’t had to have your boiler on at all over the past couple of months to heat your home. Before you start to rely on it daily, is it time for your boiler service? If it’s been more than a year, the answer is yes. Here are some reasons why you’ll want to book your boiler service today.

    #1 Prevention is better than cure

    You don’t realise just how important your boiler is when it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. That means waking up to a cold house, or coming home after a long day at work or school to a freezing home, or it might even mean no hot water for the bath or shower. Having your boiler serviced means that a trained engineer can spot signs of wear and tear and potential problems with crucial parts of your boiler and repair or replace them before the damage gets too extensive.

    #2 Save money in the long term

    Replacing parts of your boiler might be expensive, but it won’t be as expensive as having to replace the whole unit should you leave it too long to get minor repairs done. A new boiler can cost anything up to €3000, plus installation charges, so if you get your boiler serviced annually for around €60 you could get up to 20 years of use from your boiler – a much more economical option.

    #3 Carbon monoxide risks are real – and deadly

    Gas appliances whether it’s a gas fire, gas boiler or gas hob in the kitchen are all capable of malfunctioning and releasing deadly carbon monoxide into our home. This gas can’t be seen, can’t be smelled, can’t be heard and is deadly. Get your appliances checked annually to detect any potential leaks and protect yourself and your family. It’s not worth the risk. Find out more about the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning here.

    #4 You could be wasting your home heating oil

    If your boiler is not combusting as efficiently as it could, then you are wasting your home heating oil, as you will need to use more of it than necessary to heat your home for longer or to the temperature you want it at. A boiler service will ensure that your appliance is working at optimum efficiency so that you get most value from your heating oil spend.

    #5 You could be breaking the law

    If you are a landlord, or live in an apartment building you might be required by law to have your boiler serviced for your tenants or in order to keep fellow residents safe from carbon monoxide leaks. It could also be a condition of your insurance that these appliances are checked by trained professionals who leave documentation to prove that they have serviced the boiler properly.