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    How to protect your oil when you’re on holiday

    Unfortunately the summers in Ireland are generally a bit lacklustre, which is why so many of us crave the heat and sunshine from a foreign holiday for a week or two. However, when you go away on holiday and leave your home unattended for a week or more, it’s natural to feel a little nervous about security and keeping your possessions safe. While you can lock your house, set the alarm and lock any valuables away (or take them with you), it’s not always as easy to protect the things outside your home – like your garden furniture, or the contents of your home heating oil tank. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do however – here are some tips on how to protect your oil while you’re on holiday.

    Lock the fences

    Making sure your garden is secure is priority number one. If you have a gate or a fence, make sure it’s lockable, and if it’s broken, make sure you fix it so that it deters any fuel thieves. If you have a low wall instead of a high gate add some deterrent spikes to the top to prevent people from easily climbing over.

    Camouflage the tank

    Out of sight, out of mind is often a good tactic for keeping our valuables safe, so if you can do it safely, try and camouflage your home heating oil tank with trellising or flower pots to help it blend into the rest of the garden. You should never block access completely though as your delivery driver will still need to get easy access when your oil needs topped up.

    Lock the tank

    There are lots of different type of locks you can get for your oil tank, ranging from simple but secure padlocks to lockable tank caps and oil level monitor alarms which will start beeping when your oil levels fall below a certain level. Often, just having a visible lock on your tank will be enough to deter a thief, as the additional time it takes to remove the lock is more time for them to get caught, so often it won’t be considered worth the risk.

    Dummy CCTV

    Having dummy cameras set up around your garden, or motion activated lights when someone walks across the garden at night will be very effective at helping to protect your oil, when you’re on holiday or not. An obvious attempt at making your home secure will be a very effective deterrent to thieves, and protect the contents of your home, as well at the things outside that you can’t lock away.

    Good neighbours

    If you’re on good terms with your neighbours, let them know when you’ll be out of town and they can keep an eye on your house for your while they’re away, if you return the favour the next time they jet off. Neighbourhood watch schemes are very popular now and protect everyone living in these areas by looking out for each other. When fuel thieves operate in your area, be sure to let your neighbours know so that you can all be vigilant about protecting your oil.

    Don’t order oil until you get back

    If you’re oil tank is running low before you’re heading off, and you don’t plan to leave your heating on a timer while you’re away, then arrange for a delivery of oil when you get back from holiday. You can arrange a day and time that suits you with our customer service team, and if there’s nothing there to steal that’s added peace of mind while you’re enjoying your break away.