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    How to overcome a cold house

    If you feel like you’re living in a fridge, you’re not alone. Yes, we can blame it on the typical Irish weather where the temperature never seems to reach double figures, but it’s also true that some people just feel perpetually cold (and women are more likely to suffer from this than men). However, there could be a good reason why you are feeling a chill at home that caused by issues with your house instead. Let’s take a look at some of the main causes, and more importantly how to overcome a cold house with some tips and advice.

    What causes it to be cold?

    First, spend some time trying to find the root of the problem. Is it actually an issue with the house, or is it a health issue with you that’s causing you to be cold? If it’s definitely your home that is cold, work your way around each room asking yourself these key questions:

    • Are there any cracks or gaps around the windows?
    • Is there double or triple glazing in place?
    • Are all the radiators working?
    • Do you have thick curtains in place?
    • Is there adequate wall or roof insulation?
    • What temperature is your thermostat at?

    How to overcome a cold house

    Now that you’ve identified the root cause of the problem, you can start to take steps to fix it. These don’t necessarily have to be big investments in your home – for example, did you know that you can buy caulk to block up any gaps around the windowsills for the price of a cup of coffee? Check out this link for advice on how to do it yourself and get a professional finish.

    Updating your curtains to thicker thermal ones will help you keep more heat where it belongs, instead of letting it drift up and out of the window, and is a cheaper solution than replacing all your windows to double or triple glazing if you don’t already have this. You might find that doing this will save you from having to increase the temperature of your thermostat by a few degrees.

    Insulation is one of the more costly areas to correct if you feel like this is what is contributing to your cold house. Roof insulation can be added quickly and easily by accessing your roof and rolling it out along the floor.

    The best and cheapest way to overcome the feeling of being cold at home is simple – keep busy! Sitting still for long periods of time will contribute to that cold feeling, so next time you feel cold at home and you’ve made all these changes above, give yourself a shake and run the vacuum around or give the place a quick dust. Any physical activity is good for you and will increase your blood flow and start to make you feel warmer.