Our People

At 31 March 2013, DCC employed 9,803 people across the Group, approximately 90% of whom are in permanent employment. This figure has increased by approximately 10% from the prior year due to a number of recent acquisitions, in particular the acquisitions by DCC Energy of LPG distribution businesses in the UK, Benelux and Scandanavia and by DCC Healthcare of Kent Pharmaceuticals.

An analysis of DCC employment by division and by geographic area is as follows:


Graduate Recruitment Programme

The DCC graduate recruitment programme is now in its third year with the first tranche of graduates preparing to complete the programme in August. Due to the success of the programme in its first year, we are delighted to be in a position to offer all seven of the 2011 graduates permanent roles; they will begin the next stage of their careers with a number of our companies in September 2013. The 2012 graduates have now completed their first placement and are commencing their second placement in another DCC company. The 2013 recruitment campaign has been completed and seven graduates will be commencing the next graduate cycle in September 2013.

gradIreland is Ireland’s leading graduate advice and employment company and presents graduate recruitment awards each year. DCC entered for the first time this year and was shortlisted in the Best Graduate Training and Development Programme category.

Business Ethics

The Group Compliance function provides support for leadership teams across the Group to ensure that all our activities are conducted in a compliant and ethical manner.

During the year, detailed compliance workshops were held with subsidiaries across the Group, at which controls in a range of important legal and regulatory areas were reviewed. A programme of training and other improvements has been put in place on foot of those workshops, focusing on key areas such as competition law, data protection law and consumer protection rules.

These recent improvements build on previous initiatives in this area, including the introduction of Group Business Conduct Guidelines, Whistleblowing Policy and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. We commenced online training during the year, aimed at reminding employees across the Group of the importance of our Business Conduct Guidelines and Whistleblowing Policy and of ethical and fair behaviour in all areas of our business. This training is continuing and will be provided in all Group subsidiaries during 2013.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

DCC recognises and appreciates the variety of characteristics which make individuals unique and embraces the benefits of bringing together people from a wide range of backgrounds and with diverse skills, qualities and experiences. DCC also promotes the fostering of a working culture which is fair and inclusive, enabling all employees to make their distinctive contributions to the benefit of the Group. A diverse workforce not only benefits individuals by helping to create a positive working environment in which DCC employees can develop rewarding careers but also enriches our pool of talent, bringing new ways of thinking and enabling us to understand better the needs of all of our customers and provide outstanding service.

DCC’s employment practices provide for equal opportunities to all existing and prospective employees recognising that our success is dependent upon the quality, effectiveness and skill base of our employees. We are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all our employees.

In recognising the value of a diverse workforce to our business, we felt it important to bring additional focus to diversity and to ensure that its principles were consistently applied across the Group. In order to do this we created a Group policy statement on diversity and equal opportunities and distributed it to all Group companies, with the objective of ensuring that subsidiary policies accurately reflect the Group’s overall commitment to the principles of diversity and equal opportunities. We plan to follow up with all Group companies to ensure that, where appropriate, relevant awareness and training programmes are in place in support of this commitment.

Business Conduct Guidelines