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Kero Cooker Plus

Now you’re cooking, safeguard your Range Cooker with Kero Cooker Plus from Emo

To ensure optimum and continuous performance from your range cooker, Emo has introduced a premium kerosene product Kero Cooker Plus.

Kero Cooker Plus is especially designed for use in Range Cookers and is cleaner burning than standard kerosene.

How it works

Kero Cooker Plus chemically prevents the formation of deposits and fuel ageing (oxidation) under high temperature or long term storage conditions.  It helps stop problems that regularly occur with vaporising boilers, keeping the burner running as it should.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower carbon & deposit build-up
  • Stabilises the fuel
  • Prevents sludge formation
  • Keeps the fuel fresher, for longer
  • Reduces service problems
  • Improves system efficiency

Ordering Kero Cooker Plus

Simply add Kero Cooker Plus to your order by selecting Kerosene and choosing Kero Cooker Plus in the Add on’s section of the order process.

For further details contact Lorraine at 1850 366 425.


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