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    Kerosene prices

    At Emo Oil, we believe in giving you, our valued customer a first class service along with the most competitive kerosene prices we can offer.  We believe in transparency and a win-win relationship with customers, therefore we have detailed below an explanation of how kerosene prices change and what affects the price.


    Why do kerosene prices change?


    There are a number of factors that impact on the price of kerosene.


    1. 1.       Price of crude oil

    Kerosene is a crude oil product so if the price of international crude oil is rising, then kerosene prices normally follow.


    1. 2.       Demand

    More people heat their homes in winter, so historically this is when heating oil prices are at their highest.


    Does the price for kerosene include VAT?


    Yes; your quote shows the price per litre (including VAT). VAT for heating oil is currently at 13.5% for domestic heating.


    How can I ensure I get great-value home heating oil prices?


    We can offer great-value prices for planned delivery customers.  Emo offers planned delivery packages to customers, meaning we measure the daily temperature and your average usage to calculate when you are running low. Then we fill your tank, giving you a competitive ‘fill tank’ price, and monitor your usage until you need another fill. No running out and no reminders needed.  Planned delivery customers benefit from getting competitive kerosene prices as we can schedule your delivery in the most cost effective way.  For further details on Planned Delivery Packs please click this link


    Ordering made easier!!


    Simply select your fuel type, location and order quantity and get an instant no obligation quotation.  You will receive a price immediately, to order just follow our simple 3 step secure order process and a fast home heating oil delivery is just a few clicks away.

    Best of all, as well as a fast home heating oil delivery; we also make sure you get excellent prices and a range of product and service options to ensure you receive the level of service you deserve. 

    On ordering, you are automatically setup with an Emo Online Account, which means you skip the order process next time.  Your online account also allows you check previous orders, check delivery confirmation, print statements, request a change of delivery address and contact details. 


    Premium Kerosene Choices

    Emo also offers two Premium Kerosene Heating Oil products, Aga Kerosene Plus and Home Heat Plus.  Aga Kerosene Plus is specifically designed for use in your range cooker as it is a cleaner burning version of the standard product, this can be added to your online order during your order confirmation stage.  For more details on Aga Kerosene Plus click here


    Home Heat Plus is supplied exclusively by Emo and can be simply added to your online order during your order confirmation stage.


    Home Heat Plus Offers the following advantages to normal Kerosene:

    –          It reduces sludge from action

    –          It ensures optimum burner performance

    –          Keeps fuel system clean


    This ensures you reduce boiler maintenance and gives you a greener, cleaner burn! For more details on Home Heat Plus click here