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    Heating Oil Prices in Simplified

    At Emo Oil, we believe in giving you, our valued customer a first class experience aligned with market leading prices. We believe in a transparent, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. To help you better understand how heating oil prices are calculated, we have detailed below certain factors that influence prices.

    Why do heating oil prices change?

    There are a number of factors that impact on the price of heating oil.

    1. Price of crude oil
    Both kerosene and gas oil are crude oil products so if the price of international crude oil is rising, then heating oil prices normally follow.

    2. Euro – Dollar Exchange Rate

    The Euro – Dollar Exchange Rate is a key influence on prices.  Crude Oil is traded in US Dollars, therefore a strengthening Dollar versus the Euro will generally lead to an increase in prices, conversely a weakening Dollar normally results in price decreases.

    Does the price for heating oil include VAT?

    Yes; your quote shows the price per litre (including VAT). VAT for heating oil is currently at 13.5% for domestic heating.

    How can I ensure I get the best heating oil prices?

    We can offer the best prices for planned delivery customers. Emo offers planned delivery packages to customers, meaning we measure the daily temperature and your average usage to calculate when you are running low. Then we fill your tank, giving you a competitive ‘fill tank’ price, and monitor your usage until you need another fill. No running out and no reminders needed. Planned delivery customers’ benefit from getting the best heating oil prices as we can schedule your delivery in the most cost effective way.

    Ordering made easier!!

    Simply select your fuel type, location and order quantity and get an instant no obligation quotation. You will receive a price immediately, to order just then follow our simple 3 step secure order process and a fast home heating oil delivery is guaranteed.
    Best of all, not only do we guarantee fast home heating oil delivery; we also make sure you get excellent prices and arrange of product and service options to ensure you receive the level of service you deserve.
    On ordering, you are automatically setup with an Emo Online Account, which means you skip the order process next time. Your online account also allows you check previous orders, check delivery confirmation, print statements, change delivery address and contact details.