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    The importance of getting your oil boiler serviced

    Have you been thinking about getting your oil boiler serviced recently? If not, you really should. When your boiler goes on the blink, you’ll be without heating and even hot water, depending on the type of boiler you have. It’s not just the inconvenience of a chilly start to the day though – oil boilers which aren’t maintained can be extremely dangerous, so by not looking after it you could be putting your health and the health of your family in danger. Is it really worth the risk?

    Your boiler is the heart of your home, and just like any other major appliance, you need to look after it so that you get maximum benefit out of it. A bit like servicing your car once a year, you should get your boiler checked out at least once a year too by a qualified engineer.

    Once your boiler engineer arrives, they’ll be looking for 3 main things:

    1. Is it safe?
    2. Is it reliable?
    3. Is it efficient?

    A safe boiler should be your number one concern. Boilers like everything else can develop faults, and unfortunately these aren’t always obvious. Any appliance that burns wood or fossil fuels emits a dangerous and very poisonous gas called carbon monoxide – it’s odourless, tasteless, colourless and can kill. When you are getting your boiler serviced your engineer will check your boiler to make sure there are no leaks, and this could potentially save your life.

    A reliable boiler will see you through the winter, and that’s when you really depend on it! For that reason, it’s a good idea to schedule your boiler service at the start of autumn when you find yourself turning the heating on more often. Getting your boiler serviced will help you identify and fix small issues with your boiler, which could delay the need for more costly repairs sooner, and free up some valuable funds to spend instead on home heating oil.

    Making your oil boiler more energy efficient can also save you money on your heating bills, which is always a concern given the typical Irish weather! When you get your boiler serviced, your engineer will check the thermostat settings and adjust them if necessary, and you can also check your radiators are working fully (and bleed them if not). An energy efficient boiler would be a sensible investment in your home – they’re better for the environment, and they make better use of the heat they generate so you get the most out of your home heating oil.

    Don’t put it off any longer – getting your boiler serviced can be the one positive thing you check off your to do list for another year.