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    Home repairs to make in the summer to prepare you for winter

    Summer is in full swing, and although it might be tempting to just laze away the days in the back garden with a glass of something cold and bubbly, there really is no better time to get your house in order and make sure you have made all necessary checks and repairs before the weather turns again (and trust us, it won’t be long coming round). Here are a few home repairs to make in the summer to prepare you for winter, when you’ll have less opportunities to correct any issues.

    Check all your pipes are lagged

    Making sure that your pipes are properly protected will take the worry out of doing it when the first big freeze hits, and in this case it’s sometimes too late to take preventative action. Lag the pipes that are exposed around your water and home heating oil tank, and check that any moss or weeds are cleared away from drains or these pipe fittings to see if any additional repair work is required.

    Is your oil tank is good condition?

    A damaged or corroded home heating oil tank is very dangerous and can lead to expensive and harmful oil spills. Check your oil tank for dents, rusted fixtures and underneath it for any spills which might have already happened. A typical life span of an oil tank is 20 years, so perhaps it’s time that you replaced yours.

    Service your boiler

    Most people wait until the weather turns colder to service their boiler, but when this happens you might have to wait longer for an engineer. Boiler problems don’t normally manifest until the cold weather prompts you to have them running more frequently, so get a head start and get it serviced now to make sure it’s in good working order, and that you won’t have a cold house when autumn rolls around.

    Check your roof – inside and out

    Cracked or missing tiles can leak, and unfortunately these can go undetected for a long period of time, causing a lot of damage to your property. When the weather is good, it’s the best time to get your roof checked out and have any necessary repairs made before winter comes around. Check inside your attic too for signs of damp or leaks as this will need to be repaired asap.

    Paint your house exterior

    Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make your house and garden look fantastic again! Painting your house exterior in the winter is really not advisable as the temperature and likely chance of rain will make it harder to complete, dangerous if painting needs to be done on ladders and it will take much longer to dry. Plan ahead and complete this job before the end of the summer.

    Chimney swept

    Get your chimney swept by a professional this summer, before you start using it again when the weather turns colder. There’s nothing more comforting on a cold night that a cosy fire with a few logs burning, but not sweeping your chimney can have serious consequences – without clearing away that build up you could be breathing in harmful fumes, and you are at added risk of a chimney fire.