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    Do you know enough about home heating oil additives?

    Many of us don’t give much thought to our home heating oil, other than remembering to order it before it runs out, so if you haven’t considered home heating oil additives before now, maybe it’s time you started thinking about them. If you don’t know enough about home heating oil additives and how they could benefit you, we’ve pulled together this handy lists of benefits to guide you.

    The main benefits of home heating oil additives are for your boiler, and as boiler repair and replacement can be very costly, it makes sense to look after this essential appliance in your home. Adding home heating oil additives can have benefits including:

    • Reducing sludge build-up
      Over time, the inside of your oil tank can start to look a little nasty. Build-up of sludge, grime and rust are all common, and in the process, this can clog up the filters and pipes between your oil tank and your boiler. When this starts to happen, it limits the efficiency of your boiler, and if it clogs completely, it can be a costly repair bill.
    • Improving system efficiency
      Everyone benefits when your boiler is working efficiently; your fuel is being used effectively, the parts of your boiler are working as they should, and you’re not wasting any money on heating your home for it to be wasted. Heating oil additives help here by breaking down the deposits that can lead to inefficiencies and in doing so they improve the heat transfer process, meaning less fuel is required to heat your home.
    • Avoiding boiler operating problems
      Keeping your boiler working is priority number one in the cold months, so adding some additives which contain essential lubricants to your heating oil tank can really aid in the smooth running of your boiler by preventing the wear and tear of essential parts.

    Home heating oil additives can also benefit your oil, not just your tank and boiler, by helping to stabilise the fuel thanks to the presence of antioxidants. These work by reducing the rate at which the fuel degrades if it’s in your tank for a long time, when heat and moisture can get in and cause the fuel to break down. Keeping it in good condition will ensure it combusts correctly and your get the maximum amount of energy possible from it.

    When it comes to actually using heating oil additives, you can purchase these in a bottle for around €20. The best time to add them is just before a fuel delivery, and you can ask your driver to add this, or you can do it yourself (wearing safety equipment). This will ensure it is properly mixed through when you get your oil topped up.

    Or you could buy oil with additives pre-added, like our Home Heat Plus kerosene which is specifically designed to help protect your whole heating system and increase the efficiency of your boiler.

    If you have any other questions about how heating oil additives could help you reduce the running costs of your boiler and protect your tank and pipes then talk to us – we’ll me more than happy to help.