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    Premium Heating Oil from Emo

    All Heating Oil is not the Same!

    Emo provides two types of premium home heating oil – Home Heat Plus, which is our normal heating oil additive for a cleaner burn, and Aga Kero plus, a special solution for Range cookers with lower carbon deposit build-up. When ordering, you will be offered a chance to select either of these options and your price will be automatically calculated.

    So, is Premium Heating Oil Worth the Extra €0.02?

    We think so. If you have a Range cooker, you will clearly benefit from the advantages of a cleaner burn, meaning that you don’t have to clean it out so often. In addition, cleaner burning heating oil is not only kinder to the environment, it will preserve the life of your burner over the long term. If you have any questions on Home Heat Plus or Aga Kero Plus, just call one of our service agents on 1850-885500 and we’ll talk you through it.