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    Fuel Cards

    Manage your fleet costs with Emo Fuel Cards

    Whether you have a small van or a fleet of vehicles we would like to offer you the chance to be part of one of Ireland’s fastest growing Irish owned Fuel Card companies. We have 100+ Emo & GreatGas branded fuel card sites nationwide offering keen diesel rates and with a partnership of over 1,000 filling stations where you can fill at your convenience. Emo’s fuel card services centralise management of your fuel expenses in an easy to administer way with secure online access to your any time.

    An Emo Fuel Card provides you & your company with the following benefits:

    • All your Diesel & Petrol purchases combined into one convenient
    • invoice simplifying your VAT returns.
    • Keenest diesel rates.
    • Fill up at over 1,009 locations nationwide.
    • All cards are pin protected.
    • Restrictions by Volume, Time & Product type are available as standard.
    • Price updates to your mobile by SMS twice weekly.
    • Simple payment through Direct Debit.
    • No fixed contract.
    • Fuel card account setup is subject to a credit score.

    See more at fuel card for small businesses.

    Terms & Conditions apply.

    Fuel card pricing is independent of forecourt prices and is updated twice weekly.

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