Frequently Asked Questions

Which Heating Oil do I use?

We deliver three home heating oil products – Standard Kerosene, Premium Kerosene and Marked Gas Oil. The majority of home heating systems use Kerosene. Please see more information here to help you determine which heating oil you use.


When do I pay for my oil?

Payment can be made with a Debit or Credit Card or via our Direct Debit Easy Pay Service, Debit or Credit Card payments are made when you confirm your order on this website.


Are my payment details secure?

Emo Oil use Global Payments to process payments on this website. Global Payments are a recognised industry leading payments processor. Emo Oil does not retain any payment details. We employ the latest security technology to ensure all communications are secure.


What if I don’t take the full quantity I ordered?

We will only deliver the quantity of heating oil your tank will safely take. If you have ordered more than we can deliver we will refund any credit remaining after your delivery has been confirmed to the debit or credit card you used to pay for your order.


When will my oil be delivered?

Delivery takes typically between two and five working days from when you place you order. We provide information on our quote page regarding the expected delivery time.


Do I need to be at home for delivery?

If we have access to your tank and it is unlocked, you do not have to be present when we make delivery. We will leave a docket in your letterbox to confirm we have made your delivery.


Can I place an order and pay on delivery?

Orders placed on our website must be paid by Debit/Credit Card at point of ordering or by our Direct Debit Easy Pay Plan, please note that you must already have an Easy Pay Plan in place to pay by this method. If you wish to pay on delivery please contact us on 1850 366 425 to place your order and arrange payment.


What does the Quote price include?

The Quote price is the total price you will pay, it includes the cost per litre exclusive and inclusive of vat and the total cost exclusive and inclusive of vat.


What is the minimum quantity I can order?

The minimum volume which can be ordered on this website is 300 Litres.


How can I enquire about an order I have placed?

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about an order you have placed. Please quote your Order Number.


Do you deliver with a mini-tanker?

We do not have a mini-tanker service. We only deliver with a standard double axle oil truck.


What if my question is not covered here?

Please contact us if you need help with something which is not covered on this page.


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