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    Energy saving tips: How the whole family can get involved

    Energy saving isn’t down to one individual, so in a household it should be everyone’s responsibility. Do you recognise any of these culprits in your home?

    Laundry duty

    Have you ever opened up the door to the dryer to find one solitary item in there? For the bill payer this is bound to be a cause to see red – as this is such a waste of energy! Make sure you have a full load of washing to do before filling the machine, and if you can’t dry your clothes outside on the line (let’s face it, the lovely Irish weather doesn’t always help) then use your tumble dryer with a full load too. Making sure the filters are all clean before you start will also help to make your machine more energy efficient and is an easy energy saving tip that anyone at home with dirty washing can apply.

    Household cook

    Buying groceries, planning mealtimes, doing dishes – you may already feel like your list of chores of never-ending, without having to add any more duties to the list, but there are some very simple energy saving changes you can make in the kitchen that won’t take you a lot of time or effort to apply. Keeping your fridge at the correct temperature of 2-5OC is best for energy efficiency, and cooking with the lids on will help you to cook quicker. If you have a fan assisted oven, you can turn the oven off 10 minutes before food is cooked as the temperature will remain hot enough to finish cooking without using any more energy.

    The couch potato

    Do you know someone who is always in front of the TV, either binge watching shows or gaming all night? The energy used by keeping these devices on standby can waste up to £80 a year, which is a lot of money for the sake of convenience. Try and break your standby habit, and you’ll soon see savings from this simple change. Think about all the devices you don’t use regularly that could be on all the time – printers, games consoles, desktop computer screens, microwaves, phone chargers – when you see that little red light on, think ‘stop’ and then turn it off.

    Let there be light

    There’s always one person in a house who seems to be incapable of turning the lights off when they leave a room, and this is an endless source of frustration for the bill payer. They say it takes 66 times to break a habit, so this isn’t something that’s likely to be resolved overnight but small steps in this direction will only help your energy bills. Energy saving light bulbs are a smart investment in the meantime!

    Setting a good example

    If you have young children in the house, try and instil these good habits in them early, so it will be second nature by the time they are old enough to start helping out with some chores around the house. Pretty soon, with all these tips you’ll have your own team of energy saving ninjas at home and big cuts to your energy bills.