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    Energy saving solutions for the office

    When we think about ways to save energy, quite often we’re only thinking about how to save energy at home, but there are lots of improvements we could make in other areas of our life – like at the office – which is where we spend most of our day anyway! Reducing energy at the office can have a massive impact on carbon emissions, and when the environment benefits, we all benefit – both inside work and out.

    Read these tips and advice on energy saving solutions for the office to start saving energy and money now.

    Take care of your technology

    Most offices in Ireland will have an array of electronic equipment, from the sea of computers to the printer and photocopier and the kitchen appliances. Upgrading this equipment can have big benefits on energy consumption, as newer models are more energy efficient. Turning monitors off overnight will also help to save money on energy bills as these will use power to keep them on standby for no reason. Like any other appliance, a regular cleaning and maintenance routine will help to prolong their life – so don’t miss any annual servicing for your printers and copiers.

    Bright ideas

    Lighting is one of the biggest energy wasters in an office in Ireland. How many times have you gone into an empty meeting room or the stationery cupboard to find it lit up? Simple changes like turning off the lights in unused rooms, or having them on sensors so that they only come on when needed will make big changes to your energy bills – and who knows? Maybe the savings could be put towards the office Christmas party?! These changes are one of the easiest to implement energy saving solutions for the office, so why not start doing it today?

    Time for tea

    It’s more energy efficient to boil a full kettle once, than 5 times with smaller amounts of water, so at tea break, why not take it turns to fill the kettle for all your co-workers to have a cuppa? Not only is it good for team work and morale to have a 10 minute get together in the morning or the afternoon, but it’s better for your energy bill as well.

    Control your temperature

    Fighting about the office temperature is an endemic part of working in an office with multiple people. You will inevitably get half the office who are constantly cold, and the other half who are constantly fighting to have the windows open. The best way to resolve this conflict is with a programmable thermostat which keeps the temperature at the ideal 21-22 oC. Having a constant temperature can also have added benefits for employee productivity and keeping staff focused on the task at hand.