Onsite refuelling


Bringing fuel to your fleet.

Emo Re-fuel is an out-of-hours refuelling service where we visit a location of your choice to fill your machinery, equipment, vehicles or storage tanks. We’ll bring the fuel to your fleet, saving you the inconvenience and expense of filling up on the road. Emo Re-fuel is a bespoke onsite refuelling service, tailored to your organisation’s unique situation. By examining the gaps in your current fuel supply arrangements, we will make a proposal to improve efficiency where your business is being negatively impacted.

Emo Re-fuel service maximises efficiency by:

      • saving time lost travelling to refuelling points
      • reducing downtime of equipment/vehicles due to running out of fuel
      • ensuring your equipment and vehicles are ready to go when your drivers are!


Emo Re-fuel reduces your overheads by:

    • eliminating the cost of fuel used travelling to refuelling points
    • saving overtime expenses incurred travelling to refuelling points
    • removing the need for and cost of purchasing and installing your own tank/s
    • reducing the security risks of having a large stock of valuable product at your premises (theft & leakage)
    • eradicating the associated administration, compliance and insurance costs of having fuel stored at your premises
    • streamlining administration with centralised fuel purchasing & billing and 24/7 online account access


Why use Emo Re-fuel