We’re moving to E-billing

From 31st August 2014 all accounts will be moved to e-billing. You will now receive all correspondence from Emo, including statements and invoices, via email.

In addition, you can now get access 24/7 to your invoices and statements by registering for an online account. Click here to learn more.

Why e-billing?

E-billing means that all your statements and invoices will now be sent to your email address. The advantages of e-billing are many. E-billing is:

  • The quickest way of receiving your correspondence from Emo
  • The easiest and most secure way of accessing your invoices and stamens
  • The best way to cut down on paper and help the environment

How do I sign up?

Existing customers

If you are an existing customer and we have your e-mail address, on August 31st you will be automatically be moved to e-billing. If you haven’t provided us with an e-mail address give us a ring on 1850 366 425 or e-mail contact@emo.ie stating you’d like to move to e-billing.

New customers

If you are a new customer order online using the quotation box on the top left, you will register your account during the order process and we will set you up automatically.  Alternatively, provide your e-mail address when you order via phone and we’ll sign you up.


I prefer to receive communication via post, what do I do?

In case you want to opt out from this service please let us know by calling 1850 366 425 or e-mailing contact@emo.ie.

Did you know that…

It takes more than 1½ cups of water to make one sheet of paper, and more than 1 tree to produce 10 reams of paper!


If you have any questions on Emo e-billing, contact a member of our team on 1850 366 425.