Planned deliveries

It’s plain and simple! We measure the daily temperature and your average usage to calculate when you are running low. Then we fill your tank, giving you the great-value 900 litres ‘cent per litre’ price, and monitor your usage until you need another fill. No running out and no reminders needed.


Daily climatic changes and your unique average household usage will determine when you receive a delivery. We will top up your tank, delivering your oil when you most need it.

Great Value

As a Planned Delivery customer you are assured a competitive price for your oil. Regardless of how much oil is delivered, you always qualify for the great-value 900 litres ‘cent per litre’ price.

Never Run Out

Our aim is to help you avoid running out and the subsequent costs of bleeding your boiler system, so we only deliver to customers when they are running low. If you would like to be contacted before receiving a delivery we can also text or email you beforehand.


It’s a great FREE service that avoids you running out of oil.  Planned delivery customers receive priority deliveries during peak demand.  Customers can request to contacted by phone, e-mail or text when they are due a delivery.


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