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    Difference between natural gas and home heating oil

    Are you considering changing your home heating system? For most home owners in Ireland, the choices are pretty clear – it’s either natural gas or home heating oil. For many people living in apartments or flats, natural gas is the only option, however for households home heating oil is not only an option, but a very attractive one.

    If you’re still deciding between the two, here’s a few things we think you should know. Read on to find out the difference between natural gas and home heating oil.

    What is natural gas?

    Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture, most commonly associated with home heating. The methane gas present burns to produce heat energy, which is used for home heating and hot water. Despite being called ‘natural’ gas, it is still classified as a fossil fuel and therefore people who choose this type of home heating its supposed environmental benefits should know that it does still contribute to the global warming emissions levels.

    What is home heating oil?

    Home heating oil is generally classed as either ‘gas oil’ or kerosene. Gas oil is also known as green diesel in Ireland, and it is primarily used for agricultural purposes. Most home heating systems which rely on oil fired heating will use kerosene. New oil boilers are extremely efficient at converting oil into heating and hot water when required allowing you a flexible heating solution for your home. Oil is delivered and stored in a tank on your property (hence the reason why it’s not always possible for apartments to have oil). You can read more about it here.

    What are the benefits of each?

    Many people find that the benefits of natural gas allow them to have instant cosy heat, or a constant supply of hot water when it’s needed for doing the dishes or jumping in the shower. However home heating oil offers these benefits too, in addition to several others. With home heating oil, you have your own supply which you control, instead of relying on the natural gas network. It’s easy to monitor your oil, and to get a great deal so that you get value for money. Oil heating remains the most popular type of home heating oil in Ireland, however you can’t easily switch between oil and gas regularly, as your boiler will be tailored to one specific heating type – so changing to a new source will be quite a costly task.

    We hope we’ve given you enough to consider before you decide on the right home heating solution for you, but we’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have about how home heating oil could benefit you. Contact us today for a quote.