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kerosene heating oil

Kerosene Heating Oil
There are a number of different names for Kerosene which often times leads to some confusion, Kerosene is also known as Jet A1 kero, standard kero, home heating oil and 28 second oil.
Kerosene heating oil is the most competitive heating oil available, which explains why it’s the most popular form of domestic heating oil in Ireland.

The vast majority of modern home heating system use Kerosene Heating Oil to fire their oil boiler.

Premium Kerosene Heating Oil Choices
Emo also offers two Premium Kerosene Heating Oil products, Aga Kerosene Plus and Home Heat Plus. Aga Kerosene Plus is specifically designed for use in your range cooker as it is a cleaner burning version of the standard product, this can be added to your online order during your order confirmation stage. For more details on Aga Kerosene Plus click here

Home Heat Plus is supplied exclusively by Emo Oil and can be simply added to your online order during your order confirmation stage.

Home Heat Plus Offers the following advantages over normal Kerosene:

  • It reduces sludge from action
  • It ensures optimum burner performance
  • Keeps fuel system clean

This ensures you reduce boiler maintenance and gives you a greener, cleaner burn! For more details on Home Heat Plus click here

Ordering made easier!!

Simply select your fuel type, location and order quantity and get an instant no obligation quotation. You will receive a price immediately, to order just follow our simple 3 step secure order process and a fast home heating oil delivery is guaranteed.
Best of all, not only do we guarantee fast home heating oil delivery; you also benefit from excellent prices and a range of product and service options to ensure you receive the level of service you deserve.
On ordering, you are automatically setup with an Emo Online Account, which means you skip the order process next time. Your online account also allows you check previous orders, check delivery confirmation, print statements, request a change of delivery address and contact details.

More Options!
Aside from your standard home heating oil delivery service, Emo can offer additional services such as boiler bleeds and boiler servicing.

Emo Oil is part of DCC Energy, the leading home heating oil supplier for Ireland and the UK. Our extensive local depot network means we can provide a rapid heating oil delivery service.
Our dedicated network team, are ready and waiting to fulfil your order requiremnents.