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    4 ways for businesses to reduce energy bills

    Energy bills for business are a serious matter, not to mention a significant portion of the overheads, so anywhere that you can make savings to commercial heating is sure to bring a smile to the Financial Director’s face. At, we cater for residential customers as well as corporate clients, with a diverse portfolio that includes multinational pharmaceuticals, large commercial offices, factories, schools, hospitals and transport firms, so we know a thing or two about keeping your workplace cosy. Here are a few tips we’d like to share on ways for businesses to reduce energy bills, for happy workers and happy management.

    1. Stick to the thermostat

    No matter what office environment you work in you will always get friction between co-workers who complain about it being either too hot or too cold. Whether it’s the person who keeps turning on the AC, or the person who keeps a blow heater by their feet, you can’t be expected to pander to individual whims – you need to consider the office group as a whole, and for this reason you should have a steady office temperature between 21-23OC. Studies have shown this is the temperature that works for around 80% of people in an office – not too hot and not too cold.

    2. Establish energy efficient processes like any other business function

    If you have a process for everything in the office, from your emergency evacuation procedure to how to order stationery, why don’t you have one for energy efficiency? Businesses who want to reduce their energy bills take this process just as seriously as they would any other, so take charge of your energy today. Draw up a list of simple procedures – like turning off lights, and putting computers to sleep on lunch breaks, only printing when necessary and include this as part of a new start induction pack and educate existing staff to work together to reduce energy bills.

    3. Invest in energy saving equipment

    Everything from computers, to printers to your kitchen equipment comes with an energy rating, so make sure you are making smart energy efficient choices when it comes to replacing or updating your electrical equipment. The higher the rating (A or higher) means that they consume less energy, which is good news for your energy bills. Check out this guide for more information on energy ratings and what they mean.

    4. Talk to about your oil needs

    When you are looking for ways to reduce energy bills, one of the best things you can do is to talk to our commercial oils team. We will be able to give you an express quotation so you can see quickly how much you’re likely to pay for your heating oil, and we can also offer a competitive combination of pricing and credit for a tailor made supply agreement. Our experienced team take care of everything, so you can just get on with your day at the office confident that you’re making smart savings with your energy bills.