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    Boost your fuel efficiency on the road

    Do you feel like you’re constantly in your car? Between the commute to and from work, sitting in rush hour traffic, nipping out for groceries and shuttling the kids around at the weekends as a glorified taxi service, you probably spend more time behind the wheel than you think. With the cost of petrol and diesel what they are, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting value for money when it comes to fuel economy. Boost your fuel efficiency on the road with these handy tips, and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Keep a steady pace

    Accelerating and decelerating like a maniac is not only dangerous but hard on your fuel. When you pay more attention to the conditions around you and ‘read the road’ you can keep your pace steady, and cut down on constant revving and breaking. Assertive breaking only wastes the fuel that your car has used getting you up to speed so it will do nothing to help boost your fuel efficiency.

    Keep it streamlined

    Remove any unnecessary bike racks or roof racks that could cause drag and slow you down. Keeping your car as streamlined as possible helps to boost your fuel efficiency, as does losing some weight from the car. Are you driving around with a lot of junk in the boot? Clearing this out to reduce the weight of your vehicle will also help you in your quest to save money on fuel.

    Keep it clean

    Have you checked your car’s air filter? If the air filter is dirty, it is dangerous and can reduce the life of your car not to mention waste fuel in the process. A clogged air filter reduces air supply to the engine which also results in a loss of performance. It is recommended that your air filter is changed every 20,000 kilometers.

    Keep the tyres pumped up

    Check your tyre pressure regularly. If your tyres aren’t properly inflated you will increase the rolling resistance of your car, and this really impacts on your fuel efficiency. It can also affect your car’s mileage and lead to premature wearing on your tyres making it necessary to replace them more often at expense to you.

    Don’t need it? Don’t use it.

    Are you guilty of waiting for the kids at the school gates and leaving the engine running? One of the easiest ways to boost fuel economy of your car is to switch off the engine when you don’t need it – that’s why hybrid cars are designed to power down when they’re stopped at traffic lights or sitting in traffic, so turning off your engine when you don’t need it is a good habit to try and get into. Finally, if you don’t have to make a car journey – don’t! The brighter nights and mornings are already well underway, so there’s no excuse for walking around to the corner shop for a pint of milk instead of wasting fuel on a short trip.