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Why now is the best time to buy home heating oil

During the summer, you’ll probably look forward to saving some money on your household bills by not needing to buy home heating oil or electricity as frequently as you do in the winter.

However, if you have budgeted for fuel spend at this time of year you might find that now is the best time to buy oil, if you want to take advantage of seasonal savings that is.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to order home heating oil from us right now, instead of waiting until the autumn kicks in.

Typically, home heating oil is cheaper in the summer

As demand for home heating oil is greatly reduced in the summer, along with demand for boiler services and plumbing work, you might find that now is the cheapest time to buy, and make your fuel spend average for over the year much more economical.

Buy now, to save more in the near future. If you can buy some extra to fill your tank to capacity, you will benefit from even more savings by enjoying a lower cost per litre too.

With reduced demand, you can have your pick of delivery times

Ordering oil in the winter means that you’re joining the masses who all need oil at the same time. Whilst our delivery team will do their utmost to get your oil to you as soon as possible, this busy period does mean that we sometimes can’t make it to you house on the same day as you order. This, coupled with harsher weather conditions in the winter means that your home heating oil may be delayed getting to you.

If you can order your oil in the summer, you’ll have your pick of delivery times and there’s also much less risk of there being delivery issues due to inclement weather conditions.

Home heating oil won’t go off or deteriorate

Buying in bulk for other household items isn’t always possible due to expiration dates but with home heating oil, you can keep this stored safely in your oil tank (under lock and key to protect it from theft) and use it when you need it.

If you’re worried about keeping your oil ‘fresh’, you can add a bottle of heating oil additives to the tank before your top up, which will work to increase the efficiency of your oil.

Political influences can cause the price of oil to spike

Civil unrest and political influences in oil-producing countries have knock-on effects causing the cost of oil per barrel to rise, and unfortunately these rising costs are passed on to customers in the form of more expensive petrol and home heating oil. It’s always worthwhile to take advantage of the quieter periods to stock up on oil which you can keep and use later.

Better for budgeting

Household budgets can be a challenge, so naturally whenever you find a way to save money you should take it! Buying oil in bulk in quieter periods could help you see savings over a few hundred euro over the course of a year if you buy oil on average two or three times per year.

Why not see how much you could save with a quote from us now? Simply fill in a few details into our online form and you’ll receive a quote in seconds. Try it now.