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    Weighing up the costs of home heating oil

    If you’re thinking about upgrading your home heating system and trying to decide between gas central heating and home heating oil as your fuel source of choice, then allow us to help you in weighing up the costs of home heating oil, and show you just how superior this fuel source is. From running costs to peace of mind, you won’t find a better way to heat your home. Find out more about the benefits of home heating oil below.

    1. Convenience

    Can you really put a price on convenience? Home heating oil is there when you need it, and so easy to order. If you want to take it one step further, you can even make use of our planned delivery service where we aim to help you avoid running out. How do we do this? We measure the daily temperature and your average usage to calculate when you are running low. Then we fill your tank, giving you the great-value 900 litres ‘pence per litre’ price, and monitor your usage until you need another fill. Find out more about our planned delivery service and see just how convenient this is.

    1. Steady supply

    When you have gas fired central heating, you will be relying on the gas network, and any interruptions in this supply are completely out of your control and result in no heating or hot water for you. When weighing up the costs of home heating oil, it might be more valuable to you to have total peace of mind knowing that you control your supply of heating oil from your own tank on your own property. You can take additional steps to protect your home heating oil as well to keep your investment safe, like adding a tank lock or other deterrents to thwart would-be fuel thieves. In addition, if you live in a rural area of Ireland, home heating oil may be the only option available to you as the gas network doesn’t cover the entire province.

    1. Cheaper installation and running costs

    Installing a heating system which runs on oil is generally cheaper than a gas fired system, and over the long term you’ll also see savings as home heating oil is an extremely efficient fuel source which provides a great return on investment. Having your boiler serviced annually will also help you get maximum efficiency from your home heating oil spend, and more good news is that boilers for oil fired central heating generally have a longer life expectancy.

    1. Safety

    One of the biggest concerns people have about their home heating systems is, ‘Is it safe?’ Gas leaks are rare, but they do happen, so one of the biggest selling points of oil heating is that it gives a lot more peace of mind. With gas heating there is a naked flame and concerns about hidden dangers from invisible fumes, whereas with oil heating problems are visible and easier to detect, making them easier to repair too.

    Reading to order your home heating oil? All it takes is a few minutes with our simple online form – for a great price, quality fuel and a delivery service you can rely on. Get in touch with us today.