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    Useful tips for getting more from your home heating oil spend

    Home heating oil bills don’t have to be the drain on your budget that you think, and saving on essentials doesn’t mean having to give up or sacrifice your home comforts either – it’s all about balance. So, if you want some useful tips for getting more from your home heating oil spend without having to break the bank, then read on.


    Thermostat control

    Check your thermostat settings and you might be surprised to see how high they’re actually set. If you live with someone who constantly complains of the cold (yes, we all know one!) then you might find they have been inching the thermostat temperature up higher without you noticing.

    Taking it back down to a comfortable 21oC (the recommended temperature for a living room) will help you control the bills and get better value for money from your heating oil spend. If you feel a huge difference, try adjusting it by just one degree at a time to find a comfortable temperature for everyone.


    Removing clothes from radiators

    Are your radiators being used as an extension of your clothes line? Hanging damp clothes over your radiators will do nothing to help you heat your home, and in fact could lead to all sorts of problems with damp and condensation build up.

    Clearing your radiators from clothing, and even large pieces of furniture pushed against them, will help the hot air circulate and you’ll feel the benefit of your home heating oil more, resulting in a reduced need to have your heating turned on as long in future (and saving you money on the process).


    Wearing more clothes

    We’re not suggesting that you sit indoors with a coat on, but use some common sense – if the temperature outside has fallen, you should wear more loose layers of clothing to keep yourself warmer throughout the day without having the heating on 24/7.

    If you’re sitting still for longer periods, for example watching TV or working at a computer, you will cool down more quickly, so keep a few extra layers on hand for this. It’s important to wear pyjamas to bed too when the weather is very cold – overheating when you sleep can be dangerous, but you will throw off the blankets if you get uncomfortable to regulate your body temperature.


    Eating and drinking hot things

    Cold weather makes comfort food all the more appealing, but there’s also benefits to those bowls of soups, stews and endless cups of tea as they will help to keep you feeling warmer. As long as you avoid high salt and cream-heavy recipes, these options are also a healthier way to get nutrients into your system and defend against colds and flus which are rife in the winter.


    Insulate your home properly

    If you want to get more from your heating oil spend, make sure you keep your home well insulated, otherwise you’ll just be throwing money away. Some of the main culprits for draughts include gaps under the windowsills, gaps around the bottom of your doors when they are closed, broken window seals and the letter box in the hallway. Tackle these areas first and you’ll soon notice a difference in your comfort levels.