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    Tips for staying ‘tank safe’ this summer

    Have you been neglecting your oil tank recently? When was the last time you gave it a quick once over to check if there was anything amiss? There are lots of regulations around domestic oil tanks, so if there’s anything wrong with yours, it is your responsibility to get it sorted out asap. Here are some helpful tips for staying tank safe this summer, and will help ensure your oil tank remains in good condition.

    1. Cut back any overgrown plants

    Keeping access to your oil tank clear is essential so that delivery drivers can easily top up your tank with home heating oil. Over the summer, your plants, trees and shrubs can have a growth spurt so don’t forget to check out the area around your tank next time you are doing a bit of gardening and trim back any overhanging branches or creeping plants which are making their way up the sides of the tank.

    1. Keep away from it

    When we eventually do get nice weather in Ireland, most of us will be straight out into the garden to enjoy it. If you can, try and avoid sitting or encouraging children to play around the oil tank location in garden. If you need to replace your oil tank soon and it’s in an awkward or prominent position in the garden, talk to your engineer about how much work would be involved in moving it.

    1. Check the valves

    You will have an emergency shut off valve on your tank in case you need to halt supply for any reason. Make sure you know where this is, and that it is in good working condition and hasn’t rusted over. You should also check the valves, pipes and cap on your tank (especially after a delivery of home heating oil) to make sure that nothing can leak or let rain water in.

    1. No dents, scratches or damp patches

    Tanks generally have a useful life of around 15-20 years, so after this time when you get your annual boiler service your heating engineer may also suggest that it’s time for your tank to be replaced. In the meantime, check it this summer for any signs of wear and tear. If there are any dents in the sides, or heavy scratches these need to be repaired. You should also make sure you check around the base for any damp patches which could indicate a leak in the tank. This is very damaging to the environment, not to mention wasting money, so you need to address this quickly.

    1. Check the supports

    Your tank should be supported on concrete blocks or paving stones which can hold the weight of the tank when it’s full. Don’t forget to check the ground around the supports is still adequate – remember that ground and soil conditions can alter year after year so your tank may need additional structural support.

    It might still be summer, but in Ireland that never means much! If you still need home heating oil to keep your house warm or have plenty of hot water for the shower you can get a quote from us any time, day or night, by using our handy online form.