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Preparing your home for Christmas guests

In Ireland, Christmas is the time of year for spending extra quality time with family and loved ones, and you’ll want them to feel welcome in your home. So how do you go about this? There’s more to it than a hug at the door and offering to take their coat – here’s a few essential to do’s when preparing your home for Christmas guests so they feel warm and welcome and ready to celebrate the festive season with you.

Making the draughty spare room more welcoming

If your spare room has seen better days, it’s time to make it a bit cosier for the guests you have staying with you at Christmas. If you don’t use this room much because it’s generally a bit cold and damp, make sure you seal those gaps around the windows and bleed the radiators if you’ve had them switched off in this unused room for a while. If this room is notoriously cold, add a few extra blankets so your guests feel warmer overnight and don’t wake up freezing!

Warm and cosy

Keeping your home warm and cosy when you have guests staying is a must, so top up your home heating oil now so that you have plenty for over the Christmas period. With the recent reports that global oil prices are likely to be volatile for some time, there really is no better time to order. Contact us today for a cheap quote for your home heating oil and we can deliver when it’s most convenient for you. When you spend more time at home with family this season, you’ll naturally have the heating on more frequently, so remember to factor this into your usage if you’re trying to estimate how much you’ll need, or how much you have left.

Clean towels and sheets

Any guests staying should be treated to the ‘fancy’ towels – plush, fluffy and freshly laundered. When you are preparing your home for Christmas guests you should also invest in some new, or at least infrequently used, sheets and bedding. If your guests are staying on a pull-out sofa bed in the living room, try and make it feel a little bit more comfortable with a thick mattress topper and quality cushions and bedding.

Try and create some extra room

Extra bodies in the house will mean extra seats around the table, extra sitting room space, wardrobe space and even bigger bathroom queues! Try and create some extra room, perhaps by clearing out a few unnecessary items from the hall cupboard to make room for extra coats and luggage, or rearranging some seating in the living room so that a few extra chairs can be squashed in. It mightn’t look picture perfect, but when you’re having the whole family round does it really matter?

Expect the unexpected

No matter how well you plan ahead, you should always expect those last minute unannounced visitors popping in to wish you a merry Christmas. Plan ahead and stock up on some classic biscuits and party foods for quick entertaining, and check out these handy recipes for last minute meals you can throw together if needs be.