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    Measuring your home heating oil accurately

    Is there anything worse than running out of home heating oil? If you’re still guessing how much oil is left in your tank, then you could be in for a nasty surprise one cold morning – and no one wants that. Take the guesswork out of estimating your oil tank contents, and instead find out more about measuring your home heating oil accurately.

    If you normally order home heating oil at set times of the year, this isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll have the same amount of oil left in your tank before every top up. First, you need to consider the factors which influence how much home heating oil you are using:

    • Has there been a recent cold spell which has caused you to have your heating on more frequently? The weather can’t be relied on, so it could have been mild one year and very cold the next, meaning your oil usage differs month on month.
    • Has the size of your family increased over the last year? This means more home heating oil used for hot water and heating bedrooms.
    • What are the settings on your thermostat? If they are adjusted you could end up saving money on your home heating oil as you need to order less, but if it’s set too high you will be using more oil that you think – a common way people run out of home heating oil suddenly.
    • Have you been at home recently, or have you spent time away for work or holidays? If you have set your timer properly you’ll make more efficient use of your fuel.

    All these usage factors will have a direct impact on how much oil is left in your tank, so never assume that just because last year you ordered oil in December with still some left in the tank that this year will be the same. Measure the contents of your tank accurately using one of these methods:

    • Dip stick: A classic, but hard to beat – if you do it right. Measure the oil left in your tank by using a straight stick and make sure you hold it vertically. Lower into the tank and when it hits the bottom pull it out slowly and carefully and see how much oil is left in the tank.
    • Electronic & Sight Level Gauges: A less messy way to measure your home heating oil accurately is to use an electronic gauge, which will use a transmitter unit inside your oil tank, and relay the information about the tank contents to a receiver unit which will tell you how much oil is left. If you don’t want to use an electronic system, you can also get a sight gauge, which is a cheaper alternative.
    • Planned Delivery Service: Of course, there is a way to ensure that you never run out of oil, and you don’t even have to measure the tank contents yourself. We offer an exceptional Planned Delivery Service, which means that we monitor the contents of your tank, and take into account factors such as the weather and your historical usage habits to deliver oil to you when you need it, and well before you’re at risk of running out. Find out more about this completely free service on our website.