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    Maintaining healthy temperatures in your home this spring

    We’re starting to shake off the winter blues, and while spring might be on the way, it’s still a bit nippy out there. With the longer days and shorter nights fast approaching, you might be thinking it’s time to reschedule when and how often your home heating is on, but what would be more helpful to know is how to maintain healthy temperatures in your home this spring. Here’s everything you need to know about staying safe and well, and most importantly, warm in the springtime in Ireland.

    Weather-dependent conditions

    Ireland’s typically very changeable weather patterns make it hard to rely on any one type of weather at this time of year – as Easter rolls around it could snow or there’s just as much chance of it being glorious sunshine – we just never really know. So, with that in mind, the first step to maintaining healthy temperatures in your home this spring is to keep an eye on the forecast, and adjust accordingly. Most home heating systems will allow you to very easily adjust the times and durations of your heating, and your thermostat should be simple enough to adjust manually by a few degrees as it starts to heat up. If we’re in for an unsettled spring, you’ll need to top up your home heating oil with us to make sure you have enough oil in the tank to last until the good weather finally arrives.

    Spending time at home

    It’s nice to get out and stretch your legs in the brisk air, but the season for spending most of our time outdoors is still a long way off, so we’ll be staying indoors for a while yet. With more time spent at home, and our sedentary lifestyles, we often need to turn the heat up to keep us warm. If you work from home, the ideal office temperature is around 21-23oC, so you might have to schedule your heating to come on during the day while you work, to maintain your productivity, or alternatively risk freezing as you type out that email.

    Consequences of your house being too cold

    Living in a cold house is not only uncomfortable, but can be bad for your health, so knowing how to keep your home warm will help you maintain healthy temperatures this spring. We’re not quite past cold and flu season just yet, so if you feel a bug coming on, make sure you wrap up warm and keep your heating on so that you can fight off your infection. Cold houses can lead to prolonged coughs and colds, as well as being very problematic for people with asthma.

    Consequences of your house being too warm

    In contrast, having your house too warm this spring leads to its own set of challenges. Warm environments make prime breeding grounds for bacteria, dust mites and mould spores, so if you feel the temperature getting warmer then it’s time to turn your thermostat down to a summer setting so that you can keep the inside of your home a healthy temperature.

    If you use your home heating oil to heat your water as well as your radiators, then you’ll need a supply of it all year, and we can offer you a great deal. Simply use our online quote generator to get a quote any time of day or night and we’ll deliver when it’s convenient for you.