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    Little changes to make your home happier in 2017

    How are your new year resolutions going? If you’ve fallen off the wagon when it comes to your exercise or healthy eating regime, maybe you need to focus your efforts in a different, but no less worthy, direction?

    If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to your home (how to style it, what you’re eating every day, how you’re spending your free time in it) then you need our latest blog on little changes to make your home happier in 2017. These changes aren’t costly or time consuming to implement, but could mean big changes in positivity for you and your family. Read on to find out how your home could be happier with just a few simple changes.

    • Keep it cosy: Winter is upon us, but don’t let the cold ruin your down time at home. Get the temperature set at a steady 21oC for the living room and keep it here – too hot will be uncomfortable (not to mention costly as you’ll have to top up your home heating oil more often) and too cold will make you and your family or friends reluctant to spend time together in the cold.
    • Make it personal: Update your photographs or even start a photo collage wall project to pull together some of your favourite memories from holidays or days out that meant something to you. Here’s some great inspiration for photo walls and how to hang your frames in an interesting display – it’s a fun project that you can do yourself, or get the kids to help you with on a rainy weekend.
    • Plants: This is definitely one of the easiest little changes to make your home happier in 2017 – bring the outdoors inside with some mood-boosting plants. What are these you might ask? Studies have shown that having plants such as bamboo, aloe vera and lavender can actually help you sleep better, relieve stress and purify the air in your home. Time to flex those green fingers and get growing!
    • Healthy foods: it can be easy to fall into a rut with weeknight dinners, and all too often we’ll rely on a ready meal or a takeaway to satisfy hungry tummies with the least amount of inconvenience. For a happier (not to mention healthier home) this year, why not try and be a little but more adventurous in the kitchen with fresh fruits and veggies. Boost your immune system naturally this winter by eating lots more vitamins from fresh food instead of over-processed rubbish.
    • Air it out: It might be cold outside, you both you and your home need a blast of fresh air to stay healthy. Open your windows each morning to air out your rooms, instead of leaving them stale and stuffy. We promise it makes for a much nicer home environment.
    • Blackout curtains: A good day starts after a good night’s sleep, so make sure you give yourself the best chance at a restful night with a pair of blackout curtains in your bedroom. Not only will these block the light, but you can also get thermal versions which help to keep your room nice and snug during the cold nights.
    • Fix those little niggles: Little issues around the house bugging you? Make your home happier and feel a real sense of accomplishment by sorting out these problems – bleed the radiators, fix that leaking tap, replace those broken light bulbs and descale the kettle – these little changes for the better can really help to make your home happier in 2017.