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    January checklist for keeping your home cosy

    January blues getting you down? Now that the hype of Christmas and New Year has passed it’s quite common to feel a bit deflated and hibernate at home, not to mention the fact that most of us are probably feeling a bit skint too. Since you are going to be spending more time indoors, here’s our January checklist for keeping your home cosy so that you never want to leave.

    • Stay warm: Order your home heating oil now if you haven’t already done so. The typical winter in Ireland lasts until around April, so there are still plenty of cold and rainy nights ahead. Get a price online now and we can deliver when suits you best so that you keep your home cosy this January, and beyond.
    • Cook great food: Feeling cold is only made worse when you’re trying to stick to your new healthy eating plan for January and eating a lot of salads. You need warming, hearty foods to stay cosy but that doesn’t mean they have to be bad for you. Here’s a great list of warm salads to try when it’s just too cold for regular salad bowls.
    • Little touches to make it feel cosy: Our January checklist for keeping your home cosy wouldn’t be complete without those little finishing touches. Here of course we mean those thick blankets at the end of the bed, the cosy throws for the back of the sofa, those scented candles and of course a big mug of steaming tea to thaw you out.
    • Winter bedding: We know it can be hard to rouse yourself out of bed on a cold morning, and this next item on our checklist might make it even harder! Winter-weight bedding is specifically designed to help keep you warmer during colder months, so if your bedroom is still feeling a bit chilly, swap your duvet for one with a 15 tog rating for extra snuggly bedding.
    • Make use of those Christmas presents: If you were the recipient of some cosy Christmas gifts this year, make sure you use them! Fluffy slippers, novelty hot water bottles and hand warmers are all designed to keep you warmer when the weather is chilly, so start enjoying them to feel even cosier at home this January.
    • Seasonal scents: There’s something very comforting about lit candles when you’re trying to relax and unwind, and having seasonal scents in the home really does make it a nice place to live. Try some spiced apple scents by the fire in the living room, or winter berry scented candles in the bathroom while you’re soaking in the tub.
    • Using the fire: What’s cosier than a real fire to toast your toes beside when it’s cold and miserable outside? Safety first though – make sure you’ve had your chimney swept, and a fire guard in place before you start to use your fire.