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    Home improvements worth the investment

    Are you thinking about investing in your home with some improvements and upgrades this summer? Knowing where to spend your money to get the best possible return in the long term is tricky – which home improvements are worth the investment? From extensions to energy saving improvements, find out more about the upgrades you can make to your house to see (and feel) real benefits right away.

    New roof

    Replacing your existing roof can add instant curb appeal to your home, but if you’re not planning on selling just yet, there are cases when a new roof is more than just aesthetically pleasing – it could be an absolutely crucial update to your home. Are there shingles or tiles missing? Can you see sunlight when you stand in your attic? Is the roof sagging? Time to call in the experts. A new roof will last you 30+ years, so it’s an investment to make now which has long term benefits.

    Replace windows to triple glazed

    Double glazed windows are the norm for many households now, but if you really want to invest in your home with an upgrade that will bring you benefits for years to come, consider upgrading your windows to triple glazed. These not only help to insulate your home further but they block out a lot of noise – ideal if your neighbourhood isn’t that quiet.

    Insulate your conservatory

    In the summer, insulating your conservatory might be the last thing on your mind. After all, it’s probably the warmest room in the house at the minute. That soon changes though, as the cold weather normally makes it impossible to sit comfortably in this room. Consider insulating your conservatory now, so that you can use it as an extra reception room in the winter and get full use from this room in your home.

    Add an extension

    You might choose to invest in an extension for your home, whether that’s enlarging your kitchen, converting your attic into another bedroom, or transforming your garage into a second living room – anything that adds additional space to your home will be worth the investment as homes today are much smaller, making space an absolute premium.

    Home improvements to increase energy efficiency

    At we’re always looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of the modern home, so that you can get the best possible return from your home heating oil spend. When it comes to making improvements to help keep the heat inside where it belongs, the tried and tested methods are the best. Draught proofing doors is an easy way to save energy at home for very little investment. You can buy the draught excluder attachments from a hardware store or online and they are easy to fit. Hinged doors in your living space are also more effective at conserving energy and preventing heat loss than sliding doors, so if you’re thinking about upgrading your internal doors, this is something to consider. Making sure your home is insulated everywhere – from the floors, to the walls to the ceiling and roof will help you cut your energy bills further, making it an attractive investment for potential buyers, or one to enjoy yourself if you intend to stay in your current home for a while longer.