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Interesting facts about home heating oil

Many homes in Ireland use heating oil to provide warmth and hot water, so it’s one of the most popular fuel sources in place. In fact, according to the 2011 census 43% of Irish homes use home heating oil.

If you’ve never given much thought to your home heating oil other than how much it costs for a delivery or how quickly you can get it, then you might learn a thing or two in our new post. Here’s some interesting facts about home heating oil, and the benefits it can bring to your home as your preferred fuel source.


  • If you thought oil looked like a black swirly liquid lurking under the surface of the ground, you’d be mistaken. Oil in its crude form just looks like muck, and was made when plants and animals decayed under layers of sand and mud millions of years ago. It’s normally black, but can be red, green or brown as well.


  • Almost all oil is trapped inside a rock, which needs to be broken in order to retrieve it.


  • Crude oil components are used in multiple global industries – from pharmaceuticals to clothing and of course to heat our homes. Home heating oil is refined from crude oil.


  • Oil extraction techniques have been in place since the Roman times – before the 20th century, oil products were normally burned. Systematic oil extraction only began in the 20th century, with much more targeting and precision. Prior to this, looking for oil was something of a gamble.


  • More than 100 countries around the world produce oil, so there’s no shortage of it, but over 90% of the world’s oil is produced by the Middle East.


  • Every continent rests on massive slabs of rock called tectonic plates, which are always moving. This means that oil which is formed in one location will be found millions of years later in another completely different place.


  • When extracting oil is it very common that gas is also found at the same time as they are made from the same things. Oil and natural gas mixed together makes petroleum.


  • The process of extraction involves drilling a hole – the deeper the hole, the older the oil.


  • Oil muds are heated to separate the different fossil fuel components – kerosene, petroleum and diesel all break up at different temperatures.


  • Using home heating oil to keep your home warm has very few emissions, making it a cleaner fuel to use for heating. With newer heating systems, this emissions level is nearing zero. Home heating oil also produces the hottest flame of any home fuel source, making it the most efficient method for heating your house quickly.


  • Home heating oil is completely safe – it cannot be set on fire with a match – if you drop a lit match into your oil tank it will simply be extinguished. In liquid form, it is non-explosive and can’t mix with the air to become explosive. In order to ignite, it needs to be vaporised.


If you’re ready to order home heating oil for your home, get in touch with us today. You can get an instant online quote on our website and we can deliver to home across Ireland with a speedy and reliable service.