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    How to improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet today

    Are you trying to find ways to save money on fuel for your company vehicle fleet? The first place you should check is your fuel spend – did you know we offer a fuel fleet service? We can supply bulk deliveries nationwide by rigid or artic truck and we can also offer fuel card services. Another way to save money on your fleet, is to ensure that the fuel purchased is being used in the most efficient way possible, which is why we’re put together these tips on how to improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet so that you can be confident that you’re getting the most from your fuel spend each time.


    • Check your tyre pressure before a journey


    If you drive daily in your company vehicle, you should get into the habit of checking the tyre pressure regularly, along with other safety checks like brake lights and mirrors. Under-inflated tyres wear out more quickly, and also increase your fuel consumption by increasing rolling resistance, so save money on fuel and new tyres by checking the owner’s manual for the correct tyre pressure for your particular vehicle.


    • Multi-task with careful journey planning


    Having an itinerary with a list of drop off points clustered together can help you make more of your fuel if you group deliveries in the same area altogether. Cut down on the back and forth to customers with a schedule and multi-task where you can so that you cut down on the number of trips required too.


    • Avoiding rush hour when you can


    No one likes to waste time sitting in a traffic jam, but it’s even more annoying when you know you’re just wasting money on fuel by not going anywhere. There are cases of course where it will be unavoidable, but offering the option to have flexible working hours (if appropriate) so your drivers can start early or finish later to cut down on the amount of time spent idling in traffic will help improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet.


    • Maintain your car or van


    Keeping your car or van in good condition is another easy tip for improving the fuel efficiency of your company car. Have it serviced regularly to spot things that will impact on its performance, such as poor wheel alignment, dirty filters, old oil and a poorly-tuned engine.


    • Cut down on excess weight


    The more you’re carrying around in your vehicle, the more fuel you’re wasting to transport it unnecessarily. Stop and think about the materials and tools you need for each job you’re going to and remove anything that just adds more weight. Similarly, you should remove any roof racks that you aren’t using as this increases your drag and in turn your fuel consumption.


    • Keeping your speed even


    Revving your engine, letting your car ‘warm up’, excessive acceleration and braking – these all contribute to wasted fuel, and therefore wasted money. Once you’ve reached an efficient speed this constant pace will help you stop wasting energy, and if your vehicle has a cruise control setting this can really help you keep this in check.