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How to get the most out of your thermostat

Be honest – when was the last time you remotely considered your thermostat? We’ll guess it rarely enters your head. Programmable thermostats are essential elements of your home heating system, and unless your heating system is very old, you’ll be able to manage your heating closely using your thermostat properly to schedule on and off times and temperatures.

Unfortunately, very few people take the time to really use their thermostat properly – more often than not, it’s set at one point and never looked at again. Time for a change! Find out more about how to get the most out of your thermostat and ways you can use it to save money on your next home heating oil bill.

Plan ahead with your thermostat choice

 When choosing your new thermostat, make sure you choose a modern model which you’ll feel comfortable using. Get the manual and have a flick through it – don’t just assume you can push a bunch of buttons on the panel and hope for the best!

There are lots of options available, from ones that allow you to programme 7 individual days (so each day can have different on and off times) to WiFi controlled ones and Smart ones that you can manage from an app on your phone, wherever you are. Get the most out of your thermostat by picking the right model for you, and then you can really get started in customising it for you and your home.

Set your on-off times

Use the programmable settings on the thermostat to have your heating come on and off when you need it. A 7-day programmable option is ideal for households with families, residents with erratic schedules, or shift workers. Think ahead to what a typical week looks like for your household – there might be football on Thursday nights, so you won’t need the heating on until later and you’ll need plenty of hot water for a bath afterwards, or you might sleep later on Sundays so your heating can come on later in the morning than on a typical weekday.

Using your thermostat this way might seem like a lot of hassle, but by taking the time now to plan your week you’ll ensure your heating is only on when you need it, therefore saving money by not wasting your home heating oil unnecessarily.

Set your temperatures

Use your thermostat to set the correct temperature for your home, and be mindful that you’ll need to adjust it throughout the year to reflect the changing weather and seasons. In the summer, your heating will probably be switched off but you may still require your boiler to be in use to heat your water for showers, baths or dishes.

You should also remember to adjust the individual radiator thermostats in each room. It is normal for your living room to be slightly warmer than your bedroom, and in the summer you might want to switch off radiators in rooms that you don’t use to save money. If you live with someone who complains of the cold and is constantly inching up the temperature, you can add a PIN code to a Smart thermostat to stop any unwanted tampering!

No matter what your thermostat type, you’ll need home heating oil to ensure you have plenty of heating and hot water. Get a competitive quote in seconds using our easy online form and order in just a few minutes.