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How fuel efficient are you?

Are you wondering how to get more from your home heating oil spend? If you think you’re topping up your oil tank too often, or you’d just like some tips and advice on making more efficient use of your fuel, then you’ve come to the right place. Find out how fuel efficient you are, and then take steps to improve this.


Do you: Keep the thermostat at the same temperature all year long?

How to fix: If you never change the temperature settings on your thermostat, then you’re not being very fuel efficient. Your thermostat controls the temperature of the room, so in the summer when it’s naturally warmer, you really don’t need to have it as high. Be more fuel efficient and turn it down a few degrees – you’ll barely notice the difference and it really will go some lengths in helping you make more of your available heating oil.


Do you: Keep a close eye on how much home heating oil you use?

How to fix: Being efficient with your fuel means that you should keep an eye on how much you use and how often you need to replace it. If you don’t do this, you’ll more than likely run out and need an emergency delivery as soon as possible. Monitoring it every week will also alert you to out of the ordinary changes, and if nothing else has changed in the house (i.e. it wasn’t a particularly bad cold spell when you had the heating on a lot, or there wasn’t a lot of people staying who needed hot water for the shower) then it could be a sign of a fuel leak or even theft. It really does pay to keep alert to your fuel consumption habits!


Do you: Drive everywhere, even when you could walk?

How to fix: Fuel efficiency isn’t just related to your home heating oil spend – your car fuel efficiency is important too. If you make lots of short trips in your car that could be done on foot, do your bit to help the planet and leave the car at home. Exercise, fresh air and saving money – it’s win-win. Here are some other handy tips for improving your fuel efficiency in the car.


Do you: Remember the last time you had your boiler serviced?

How to fix: Book a service if you haven’t had your boiler serviced in over a year, or if you’ve just moved into a property and you don’t know when the boiler was last checked by a professional engineer. Not only does it need to be done for safety reasons, but having a boiler in good working condition will also help with your fuel efficiency, as it will mean less wastage and ensure a cleaner, more efficient burn from your home heating oil.


Do you: Do you buy in bulk when ordering home heating oil?

How to fix: When you buy bigger quantities of most things, you save on the unit cost and with home heating oil it’s no different. When you order a larger amount of oil, you will save money on your order and it will last you for longer, so not only is it more efficient, it’s more economical too.