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    Homeowner checklist for the spring to get your house in order

    Sunny one minute, rain the next? Sounds like your typical Irish spring if we’re honest. Weather issues aside, it’s actually the perfect time of year to get your home in order – whether you’re planning to put it on the market or just to enjoy it more as the weather steadily improves over the next few weeks. Here’s your essential homeowner checklist for spring to get your house in order, and your garden too!

    Flush out your heating system

    Book an engineer to give your heating system including your boiler a thorough deep clean. If your radiators are clanking, or not heating up properly or you think that your boiler isn’t as efficient as it used to be, you might benefit from having your heating system completely flushed to rid it from grime and sludge build up. Once you’ve got this sorted, you can order home heating oil safe in the knowledge that when you do have the heating on, you’ll be making most efficient use of your spend.

    Clean out guttering

    Over the autumn and winter dead leaves and debris can build up in your gutters, leading to blockages, and with the heavy rains in spring this can lead to absolute havoc for your home. Blockages can lead to leaks which can lead to damp patches and mould growing on your walls, so this really isn’t a chore that you should skip this spring.

    Spring clean

    Spring is all about staying fresh and starting clean, so it is a great time to tackle all that winter junk build up and give your home a deep spring clean. Clean everything – the windows and glass, the sills and skirting boards, flip your mattress and donate anything you no longer want to keep to a local charity shop. You’ll feel weightless and ready to embrace a new season once you shake off all the clutter from the last year that’s holding you down.

    Power hose the garden slabs

    Rent a power washer if you don’t own one and deep clean your patio and paths around your house. You’ll be amazed at the difference – it instantly makes your garden look brighter and cleaner, just in time for spending more of your day outdoors. It also saves you having to manually dig out all that moss growing between the slabs.

    Weeding and planting

    Time to breathe new life into your garden – with an injection of colourful plants and green shrubs. Now is the time of year when your plants should be coming back to life, but if there have been a few casualties as a result of the winter frosts, then replace them with bright new shrubs to cheer up your garden.

    Feed your lawn

    A lush green garden that you can sit outside and have a picnic on is one of the nicest things about enjoying your garden in the summer, so now is the time to feed your lawn when it will benefit from the alternating bouts of rain and sunshine. Be prepared to have to mow it more frequently though.

    Update your curtains and bedding

    If you switched your curtains and bedding for the winter to versions with thermal properties and a higher tog count, you’ll need to switch them back to lighter options soon in order to maintain healthy and comfortable temperatures in your bedroom.