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Home Heating Tips for Winter

Who doesn’t love a cosy home to come home to at the end of a cold day? Read our tips on how to get your home winter ready and you can enjoy just that. This time of year, you’ll be entertaining more and spending more time at home, so it makes sense to make it as welcoming as possible. These tips are quick to apply, don’t cost a lot and you’ll see big improvements straight away. Find out more about our home heating tips for the winter below.

Plan ahead

The worst thing that could happen over the Christmas period is running out of home heating oil at the most inopportune moment. The in-laws could be visiting, your kids might be having a sleepover at the end of term, or worst – it could be on Christmas Day itself. Plan ahead now and order your heating oil in good time for the festive season ahead when you’ll have more entertaining to do at home, and therefore need to have a cosy house. Contact us today for a cheap quote and speedy delivery, and cross this task off your pre-Christmas to do list.

Reduce hot water temperature

We’ve talked before about turning your thermostats down a little to save money on your home heating, but have you done the same things with your hot water temperature? Many people don’t realise that their hot water for the shower or bath could be way too high, and you could really see some significant savings here. It is recommended that the ideal shower water temperature should be around 40 degrees – do you know what yours is currently set at?

Pay attention to your radiators

Your radiators are often used as surplus clothes hangers when you’ve done a full load of laundry, but that’s not what they’re for! You need them to be free from obstacles, and this includes furniture as well as damp towels slung over the top, so that they can circulate hot air around the room. Also make sure that you adjust the temperature on each radiator individually depending on the room – if you have spare bedrooms that are rarely used, you don’t need to heat these as much as the living room and master bedroom.

Don’t forget the attic

Your attic is a great place to store those Christmas decorations and holiday suitcases, but it’s also a great place to lose a lot of heat from poor insulation. One of our key home heating tips for winter would be to spend a little time improving the insulation at the top of the house – adding insulating strips to your loft hatch will help cut down on drafts, and adding insulation will reduce the amount of heat lost in total from your house.

Protect against the frost

Colder weather can play havoc with our homes, so do your best to protect and prevent any major mishaps by protecting your pipes from freezing. Make sure to lag your pipes anywhere where they are exposed to the frost and keep the telephone number for a 24 hour plumber handy in case of emergencies.