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    Myths about home heating oil you should ignore

    We’re here to set the record straight about those annoying myths about home heating oil, because as the experts we know that it’s mostly nonsense and none of it true. We want our customers to make decision about their home heating system based on facts instead of scaremongering, so we’ve gathered together the biggest myths about home heating oil you should ignore, so that you can separate fact from fiction. Always remember if you have any questions about home heating oil you can talk to a member of our friendly team who can advise you and provide you with any additional information you might need.

    Myth 1: Running out of oil is just ‘one of those things’

    You don’t have to suffer if the oil runs out. Some people think it’s just like forgetting to pick up dry cleaning or posting a letter – but it has more serious consequences and doesn’t have to happen at all. If you subscribe to our Planned Delivery service, we monitor your oil tank contents and can predict when you’ll run out – and top up your oil tank before this happens. If you completely run out of oil, if can be bad news for your boiler, as all the sludge and grime build up in the very bottom of your oil tank can be caught up in the mechanisms of your boiler, causing it to break or become much less efficient. If you don’t subscribe to our Planned Delivery service, make sure you find other ways to monitor your oil usage to avoid running out of oil. Make sure you check out our recent blog post on what happens when you run out of home heating oil for more info.

    Myth 2: It’s better to leave your heating on low all the time than use the timer

    We’ve heard this one a few times over the winter as people search for ways to keep their homes warmer when the temperature outside is falling. We would advise against this practice, and instead use your thermostat to control your heating only when you need it. If you leave your heating on a lower temperature all day, it does use up more home heating oil, and unless your house is extremely well insulated you won’t feel the benefit of this at all.

    Myth 3: Reserves are low and oil as a fuel source is running out

    This is one of the most common misconceptions we hear about oil – that it won’t last and that soon there will be none left. This is untrue, and in fact recent reports from global sources can confirm that oil reserves are in a very healthy state, so fuel scarcity is a myth you should definitely ignore. Global oil production rates are proof enough that as a planet we won’t be running out of home heating oil any time soon.

    Myth 4: Gas heating systems are more efficient

    When deciding on a heating system for your home, you’ll most likely choose between oil or natural gas. Natural gas systems might appear to be slightly cheaper which makes them a popular choice, however over time oil systems provide better value as they last for longer, and have a lower cost. As with any heating system, you will need to arrange for an annual service to ensure it is safe and working properly, but this will also help extend the life span of your boiler and ensure you get as many as 20 years of use from it.