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    Heating your home efficiently this summer

    Summer time isn’t normally a time when you give much thought to your heating – after all, the temperature is on the rise, so why would you even need to bother with your heating? If only we lived in a tropical climate that could guarantee us sunshine and warmer temperatures this season! Instead, we have 4 seasons in one day with no idea what’s happening in between.

    You might be surprised at how much home heating oil you still go through in the warmer months, especially if you use it to heat your water for a bath or shower – no matter what time of year it is, very few people like taking cold showers. So, because it might be on your mind a bit more now, here’s a few tips on heating your home efficiently this summer, no matter what the crazy Irish weather throws at you.

    Thermostat control

    Adjusting your thermostat for the summer will help you make instant savings on your home heating oil bills, and if you can survive with the temperature a few degrees lower you’ll be well on your way to heating your home efficiently this summer without damaging your wallet.

    Water temperature

    In the cold winter months, crawling out of bed in the morning and standing under a hot shower to defrost and wake up is pretty much a given, but in the summer months it’s less likely to be a necessity, so you can afford to turn down the temperature of the shower water a little. If you can replace your shower head with a low flow water alternative you can also help save water as well as money in the long term.

    Water tank insulation

    Hot water jacket insulation is quite common for helping you heat your home more efficiently, as it prevents the hot water from cooling down as quickly when stored in your tank. If you use your home heating oil to heat your water for a bath or shower, you should pick up one of these handy jackets from your local hardware store.

    Drying laundry

    Washing and drying laundry is so much easier in the summer months as it’s warm enough to hang your clothes outside and let them dry naturally. When you dry your clothes inside, this can lead to a build-up of condensation and mould growth, so in a lot of cases if you dry clothes indoors you’ll need to use a dehumidifier to help catch all that excess water in the air, which can also have the side effect of heating your home up too – not ideal when it’s already warm. Try and make good use of the weather by hanging washing outside on the good days.

    Ceiling fan direction

    It might sound odd, but your ceiling fan could actually be used to help heat your room, rather than cool you down. It’s all to do with the direction of the blades – for a cooling effect in the warmer months, your fan should run anti-clockwise to force the air down into the room, making it feel cooler. Just make sure to reverse the direction in the autumn otherwise you’ll be feeling colder and wasting money turning your thermostat up.