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Get winter ready with Emo!

There’s a lot depending on Emo this coming winter…

And we are delighted  to have launched our nationwide advertising campaign on Monday to encourage people to check their tanks and order some Emo home heating oil. Listen out for our radio adverts and check out your local press to hear our ‘get ready for winter’ campaign.

With temperatures now really heading south, local communities are getting ready for winter, and in our Emo offices and depots, we too have been getting ready for the usual flurry of orders that occurs at this time of year. We’ve been stocking up on oil and making sure our lorries are all set to make deliveries in all sorts of weather. “It’s the busiest time of year for us”, says on of our Emo drivers Noel. “But it’s enjoyable getting out there and meeting people you mightn’t have seen since this time last year.”

At Emo, we are known for hiring only the most experienced (and some of the friendliest) local drivers, to deliver their home heating oil. The drivers may be ‘old hands’, but we have the youngest fleet of lorries on the road. Each one equipped with GPS technology to track deliveries and help them get to where they’re going on time. “People depend on you to be there when you said you’d be there,” says Noel. “There’s a level of trust in giving someone access to your property, and we respect that.”

Once the fill is in progress, customers can actually see how much oil they are getting. The measuring system on each lorry clearly shows how much oil is going in, indicating exactly the amount ordered. And when it comes to handling oil, our Emo drivers leave nothing to chance. They are fully trained in how to treat this valuable resource with safety and care.

We use only top quality oil, which provides steady heating performance all through the winter – so customers always get their money’s worth. And there’s even better value to be had via our Emo email newsletters, which offer handy discounts and great competitions too.

So this season, there will be many homes and communities depending on Emo to provide the energy, and they can rest assured that Emo will deliver.

Emo. Energy you can depend on.