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    Crucial home heating safety everyone should know

    Heating your home safely is of crucial importance in order to protect yourself and your family from harm or danger. Keeping safe whilst keeping warm can present a number of challenges, but that’s no reason to be lax when it comes to safety standards. How many of these crucial home heating safety tips do you already practice? Read our post below to educate yourself more on crucial home heating safety – it’s something everyone should know.

    Home Heating Safety Preparation

    Having the right equipment in place inside your home is key to home heating safety. At a minimum, you should have a working smoke alarm (there’s no limit to how many you can have – you could choose to put one in every room), and make sure that you test it weekly. You should also have a carbon monoxide alarm (if your smoke alarm doesn’t have this combined function), and again you should test it weekly. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer – it’s essential that you have an alarm in place. You also need to spend time planning out your fire escape route through the house in case of a fire – where are your exits? Are there any potential obstacles? Make sure everyone in the house knows about them.

    Using your appliances safely

    Your heating system is something you rely on daily, but you should never use a boiler you believe to be faulty. Have your boiler serviced once a year to check for damage and to ensure it works safely. If you use alternative heat sources like electric heaters or gas fires, you should follow safety precautions here too. Have your gas fire serviced as you would do with your boiler, and never leave space heaters or electric fires unattended – even if you are just popping into another room for a few minutes. If you have electric heat sources plugged in, never overload the plugs with multiple adapters.

    In the event of a power cut

    If your power fails, and you are struggling to heat yourself and your home you will be forced to use alternative heat sources to stay warm and light your home safely, however these sources (candles, oil lamps and tea-lights) are dangerous and should be used with caution. Alternatively, why not ensure you have a ready supply of batteries and torches and thick blankets? Fuel for your open fire should be kept handy and don’t forget to turn off any portable gas heaters before bed. Never use your oven to heat your home.

    Home heating oil safety

    Home heating oil is one of the safest methods of heating your home. It is not flammable (a lit match dropped into an oil tank will be extinguished) and as long as you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms working and your boiler serviced by a qualified engineer you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you need to order home heating oil, do so from a reputable supplier. You can get a quote for quality home heating oil from us any time by using our online form on our website.