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    Heating oil alternatives, and why you’ll want to avoid them

    Trying to save money on heating your home? With the cost of energy constantly changing, it’s no surprise that we all want to make sure we’re getting the best possible deal on our chosen fuel source. Many people turn to heating oil alternatives in an attempt to save money on their heating but this isn’t always the wisest, or the most economical choice. In this blog post, we’ll compare the most common home heating oil alternatives, and why you’ll want to avoid them in favour of home heating oil.

    Natural gas

    This is one of the most common sources of fuel for residential heating, and is often used for cooking as well. One of the main benefits of this fuel source is the instant heating and hot water, however there are a number of disadvantages too. Typically, a natural gas heating system is less expensive than an oil alternative, but doesn’t last as long meaning you could be out of pocket for replacement and repairs sooner. Relying on natural gas also means that if there is any interruption in supply, you won’t have any heating or hot water, unlike with oil which you control on your own property. For some people, it may not even be possible to connect them to the gas grid, so if you’re thinking about changing and you live in a rural part of Ireland, be sure that this is even an option for you.


    Using coal on the fire to heat your room is messy, dirty and requires clean up afterwards, so while it might feel nice to have an open fire at the time, it can end up being a lot more hassle than home heating oil. In addition, unless you have a back boiler behind your fire, you will only be heating the one room, which isn’t very efficient at all. Open fires are typically very inefficient sources of heating, with the majority of heating being lost up the chimney, and if you use your fire regularly you’ll need to pay for it to be professionally cleaned twice a year to clear debris and prevent chimney fires.

    Natural sources of energy

    Of course, fossil fuels aren’t the only way to generate energy for the home, although they are the most commonly used for heat. Electricity costs are also a huge chunk of household expenses, so using alternative sources of energy for this can help reduce the annual spend. For some homes, adding solar panels to the roof of the house can be used to offset some of these electricity costs, however when these solar panels are leased the home owners can run into big problems if they decide to sell or remortgage their home – you can read more about it here.

    Home heating oil

    At the end of the day, home heating oil still has a lot of benefits to customers seeking a cost-effective and reliable way to heat their homes.

    • Reliable fuel source and in good supply
    • Very efficient source of heating, especially when using an energy efficient boiler
    • Very safe source of energy

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