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    5 Top Tips for Heating Your Home This Summer

    Summer is fast approaching, and we’re hoping it will bring with it plenty of sunshine and warm weather (fingers crossed!). While you won’t be turning the heating on too often, it’s important not to forget about your heating system as warmer weather provides the perfect opportunity to get prepared for the winter months.

    Here are our top five tips for heating your home this summer while ensuring your boiler and oil tank are ready for the colder weather.


    1. Keep Your Thermostat Turned Down

    Warmer, sunnier weather means that the temperature of your thermostat doesn’t need to be as high. By adjusting the temperature and making it slightly lower, you could save a significant amount of money throughout the summer months. It is recommended that you turn down your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees from its normal settings which could result in annual savings of up to 10%.


    1. Check Your Oil Tank for Damage

    Summer is a great opportunity to establish any damage or issues with your oil tank so as you can have them repaired for later in the year. You should aim to inspect your oil tank, pipes and other equipment regularly, looking for issues such as leaks, damage or interference. If you are aware of any problems, it should be fixed as soon as possible.


    1. Arrange Your Annual Boiler & Tank Service

    Even if there aren’t any visible issues on the tank, it is important to ensure that your boiler and oil tank is serviced at least once a year so as they are running efficiently. This should be conducted by an OFTEC technician at least once a year and will ultimately reduce fuel bills and save money on unexpected breakdowns. You should consider doing this in the summer months when you are less dependent on your heating. This will also allow you to make sure any issues are fixed before the colder months, when you need your heating most.


    1. Prepare for Condensation

    As the temperature outside heats up, oil tanks tend to experience temperature fluctuations. This can result in moisture building up and condensation accumulating inside the tank, which can cause serious damage if not properly cared for. Condensation is usually worse during hot weather and can lead to a build-up, so it’s important never to fill your oil tank fully.


    1. Fill Up on Fuel

    Finally, summer is the perfect time to fill up your oil tank as the price is usually more competitive than the colder months. Take 5 minutes and check how much oil you currently have – if there is room for a top up, get a quote and make the most of cheaper fuel prices. Don’t forget, we offer free quotes for Kerosene or Gas Oil deliveries!