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    5 Things Everyone Should Know About Home Heating Safety

    At this time of year, your home heating system will most likely only be used to heat water however, it is important to always ensure that is running safely.

    Whether your system is relatively new or quite old, it will require regular maintenance to ensure it is fighting fit, particularly for the colder, winter months.

    Here are our top five tips for home heating safety:


    1. Regularly Check All Safety Monitors and Devices

    It doesn’t matter whether it is hot and sunny or cold and blustery, safety monitors and alarms are paramount when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe.

    By checking the devices for errors, battery life and general working order, you are keeping your monitors alert to silent killers, such as smoke and carbon monoxide.


    1. Check If Your Home Heating System Is Due A Service

    Planning ahead is a great way to ensure you future-proof your heating system for the coming months. Regular inspections and services of your boiler can ensure that it doesn’t miss a beat this winter. Regular servicing not only helps with the safety of your home, it can also pick up any issues with your heating system before it escalates.

    Additionally, it will also work to keep your energy bills down by keeping the system working as efficiently as possible. For further advice, take a look at our previous blog about boiler servicing.


    1. Arrange to Have Any Wood Burners, Stoves and Chimneys Inspected

    In recent years, many households have taken the decision to install a wood or coal burning stove as they provide a source of heating for the home while also aesthetically upgrading your living area. When using a stove, it is important to use the appropriate fuel in addition to getting it inspected annually by a reputable and licenced professional.

    Checks on stoves, along with a regular sweeping of your chimney, will keep your stove burning strong through winter and make sure any safety issues are repaired ahead of the typical cold snaps during the Irish winter.


    1. Ensure Your Home Is Child Safe Ahead of Winter

    As many homes across Ireland include young children it is important that your home heating system is part of your overall home childproofing plan. It is important to take an extra-close look at how heating in our homes is viewed through inquisitive young eyes and ensure that all parts of your heating system such as radiators, boiler units and thermostats are all out of reach, especially for little adventurous toddlers!


    1. Use Portable Devices Responsibly

    During warmer months, we rarely need to use our portable heaters or fires however, some home owners may decide to use fans or air conditioners to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature. If you own heating or cooling devices, you should ensure they are used and stored responsibly, whatever the weather. Learn more top tips for using portable heaters and electrical devices from Electrical Safety First.

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