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    5 Home Heating Myths Busted

    Winter is most definitely on its way and the cold weather is here to stay. At this time of the year, it can be tempting to turn up the thermostat, close the curtains and hibernate until the good weather returns.

    However, this is likely to result in painfully high energy bills. While keeping warm inside your home may sound easy, surprisingly, many people are unaware of how to do so in a cost-effective way.

    At Emo Oil, we understand the importance of keeping energy costs low and saving a few Euro, especially in the run-up to Christmas! Take a look at our points below, as we sort your heating facts from fiction and bust 5 popular home heating myths.

    Myth 1: Turn Your Heating Up When It’s Cold Outside

    When the weather starts to turn colder, many people tend to turn the thermostat up, resulting in overheated, stuffy homes. This leads to wasted energy and restless nights.

    According to the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI), the ideal temperature for your home is 20°C. So why not readjust your thermostat and let it maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, whatever the weather.

    Myth 2: Turn Up Your Thermostat to Heat Your Home Quicker

    While it may seem tempting to turn up your thermostat when you’ve come home to a cold house, it won’t heat you up any quicker than turning it on at your normal temperature. This is due to the fact that your thermostat controls the final temperature of your home, not how fast your house heats up. It will stay on until the desired temperature is reached and will then turn off until the temperature drops again. Setting it at a high temperature will result in an uncomfortable, overheated space that wastes energy.

    Myth 3: Turn Down the Heating to Save Money

    Alternatively, some people think that constantly leaving the heating on at a low temperature is more energy efficient than turning it off and on. This is not true.

    In fact, this results in homes that are heated unnecessarily when no one is there to benefit and are too cold when people are home. Save money and energy by heating your home only when you need it. Another great option is to use a timer, as this allows you to control when your home is heated.

    Myth 4: Using an Electric Heater For a Few Hours is Cheaper Than Central Heating

    Finally, it is commonly believed that using an electric heater for a couple of hours is cheaper than turning on your central heating. These heaters use electric to create heat, which is more costly, meaning that the cheapest way to heat your home is using central heating.

    Myth 5: It’s Better to Keep the Water Heated All Day

    This is a common myth however; your water doesn’t need to be heated all the time. The water heats up in your immersion heater or boiler and is stored in a tank. If it is properly insulated, the water will stay hot all day, without needing to be reheated.

    Additionally, modern washing machines, electric showers and dishwashers will use cold water and heat it themselves, so you don’t need a supply of hot water. It really is much more efficient to set your water to come on for an hour or two each day, just before you usually need it for baths or showers.

    If you are guilty of believing these myths, now is the time to make some changes and make some energy savings in time for Christmas! Want to find out more energy saving tips? Check out some of our previous blogs here.