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    4 resolutions for a happier home this year

    This year, don’t make the same old resolutions as you did last year. They’re hard to stick to because you always feel like you have to give up something in pursuit of a leaner, healthier, happier you. What if you focused on doing something good for your home instead this year?

    Not only do you get to feel the benefits of making some positive changes, but we can guarantee that these resolutions will be easier to stick to. You might not get same sense of satisfaction that you would from giving up chocolate or taking the stairs every day to work, but these are simple changes that won’t require half as much effort or sacrifice. So, how about these ideas for starters?

    1. Plan ahead for home heating oil top ups

    Give yourself a pat on the back for being so organised in 2018, by planning ahead for the expenses you know are coming. No one likes to run out of home heating oil without warning, and with the unpredictable weather lately it’s not only an inconvenience, but can be dangerous too if you get too cold.

    Make 2018 the year you sign up to our Planned Delivery service – and you’ll never run out of home heating oil again. We’ll monitor your oil tank levels, and take into account the temperature outside to accurately plan for when you’ll need a top up again. Best of all, when we fill your tank we’ll also give you a great value 900 litres ‘cents per litre’ price – so you get peace of mind, and a great bargain.

    1. Clear the clutter

    Make your resolution this year to finally live that clutter-free life you’ve always wanted. A clean, ordered living space can reduce stress, contribute to better sleep and is also much easier to clean too – we doubt anyone wants to spend more time on household chores in 2018. After Christmas, there’s often a big clear out – lots of rubbish, abandoned or broken toys, and extra clothes donated to charity to make room in your wardrobe for new stuff.

    Take a day each month in 2018 to step back and assess the clutter levels in your home – is the dining room being used to dump sports gear and PE kits? Has the living room been overtaken with books, games, cables and chargers? Tackling the clutter regularly throughout the year will help you keep on top of it, for a happier home all year long.

    1. Organise your boiler service

    A healthier, happier home in 2018 needs to have safe appliances in it, so if you can’t remember the last time your boiler was serviced, make it a priority now. The dangers of undetected carbon monoxide leaks have been widely publicised lately, and can lead to fatalities in extreme cases. Don’t delay this task any longer – organise your boiler service today, and then make it a new year’s resolution every year around the same date.

    1. Change your sheets, mattress and pillows

    A happier home starts with well-rested inhabitants, so make 2018 the year of better sleep with some simple changes in your bedroom. Your pillows should be changed every 6 months to three years (depending on your allergies and the quality of your pillows) so make sure you have clean, comfortable pillows for each bed.

    Your duvet should be the correct weight and warmth for your home and the current temperature – in winter you’ll want a heavier one but in the summer you’ll need to switch this so that you can sleep comfortably without overheating, which is just as dangerous as being too cold. Make sure your radiators are set at the correct setting too – if your bedroom is too warm, not only will you not sleep well, but you’re wasting money on home heating oil when you don’t need to.