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    3 Ways To Save On Heating Costs During COVID-19

    Looking for ways of reducing your heating and fuel costs at home is so important. Even as we emerge from the winter months there are reasons why we still need oil, and due to the effects of COVID-19, millions are spending a great deal more time at home either working remotely, temporarily out of work, in isolation, or with children being home-schooled.

    As day to day lives and routines face an enormous change, not least because of losses of income, it’s essential to find ways of cutting costs wherever possible. Thankfully there are still ways you can reduce the impact of being at home more on your heating and energy bills, and these are also things you can keep doing in future when the colder temperatures return.

    Here are three ways you can go about saving fuel and heating costs as much as possible in your home.

    1. Keep Windows and Doors Shut

    Do as much as possible to make sure you preserve heat in the home wherever you can. Keeping your windows and doors shut in order to keep the heat in is actually a massively effective way of being able to preserve heat.

    Try to also look for any places where draughts can get in, or hot air can escape, such as the gap under the door, and block these off where you can. Rooms will retain heat for longer, meaning less fuel is wasted and more money is saved.

    2. Home Heating Oil

    Home heating oil is great way of heating your home in a more efficient way. There are a lot of benefits to going with this approach, and domestic heating oil can greatly reduce the cost of your energy bills, heating, and fuel at home. Generally, you will be choosing between kerosene or gas oil, and it will depend on what best suits your home.

    Emo Oil provides great deals on both and delivery all across Ireland. You can easily order online or by phone, with the advantage of using our website being that customers can access their own online accounts which allows them to keep track of past orders, download or print statements and save time with future transactions.

    You can also sign up for Easy Pay Direct Debit to spread costs throughout the year and build up credit for when you need home heating oil most, or use our Planned Delivery service where we automatically calculate when your tank needs filled and prevent it from ever running out at a competitive price!

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    3. Understand Your Heating System

    Of course, the best way of saving money is to make sure you understand your heating system fully. This means understanding how hot it gets, how long you need to keep it on for and what the optimum thermostat temperature should be to heat the home.

    You also need to understand how to lower and raise temperatures as much as possible, and this is going to help you save money on your heating and fuel costs in a big way.

    Making the changes necessary to save heat and fuel for your home is really important. There are a lot of elements to it, but as you’ve seen there are some excellent ways to be more cost effective.

    Use these ideas to help you improve the efficiency of your home and save money wherever you possibly can, especially as we all are spending more times in our homes now. Some changes you can start using right now and others you can look at further down the line, once the pandemic is over.

    Stay Safe.